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Elden Ring was my #1 at 92 hours, but my fiancée's Sims 4 kick topped it. I also had LEGO Star Wars, Arcade Paradise, and Ghostwire: Tokyo in my most-played. Love 2 grind.


I know some of you are always looking for more co-op games like me, so: Ship of Fools is fun. It's a ship-based cannon-swapping roguelike on PC and consoles. Main complaint is that it's one stage shorter than it ought to be, but otherwise, good stuff!


Hey everyone, I just put up a cblog. And, well, thanks for everything.


A bittersweet goodbye from Jordan

Thanks for everything No matter how much space I have to process it all, this was never going to be easy to write. After more than 15 years and 15,000 posts, my time at Destructoid — a blog I joined while I was still just a teena...


*waves* Hey! If you're having issues with Dtoid's RSS feed, try these:


Lots of Elden Ring guides and pointers going up in the next couple of days. Shout-out to Chris for entering Beast Mode. I've got a couple as well, and we've tried to make them as least-spoilery as possible for front-page readers.


I'm stoked for this article to go up later today (lots of stories queued up).


Just pre-wrote the watch post for The Game Awards tomorrow — it's almost time. I think you know which pic I used for the article.


The tech team is aware of whatever the heck just happened.


I've got a question post going up later today about the weirdly messy N64 Switch Online situation. I'm expecting it to be a wild ride, haha. Should be fun though.


As an update to the Disqus... badge... thing, we've relayed feedback about users being able to opt-out, and other sites have mentioned it too, but it will likely be a post-launch feature. Also, we've stealthily rolled out several badges. Pic below.


Hey, so, say we had the ability to create and hand out our own custom Disqus badges on Destructoid that would appear next to your name. What kind of badges would you want to see? The criteria, image, name — any idea you have is welcome. A few examples..


It's been a minute, but we wanted to bring back Bloggers Wanted. The August prompt is "heartwarming gaming stories." Link below!


To those who get a long weekend, enjoy! Monday will be quiet around here but we've got a few articles prepped. Stay cool.


Heads up: the front-page video should no longer auto-play and bounce around if you're logged in (via this or any other Dtoid Community page).


Here's a very specific fix for iOS folks (like me) who aren't staying signed into Disqus on front-page Destructoid articles even though they've already logged in using The Anthony Method.


Folks, thanks for bearing with the new site. Seriously. I know it's been chaotic, and some of the UI/UX is jarring especially after so many years of the same layout, but fixes and improvements are still coming in and we'll get through the growing pains.


Hey all, Dtoid will be extra quiet today, even for a holiday - we're updating the site tomorrow. It's not a "redesign," but it will be faster and look *much* better on mobile. And yes, you'll still be able to access Qtoid. Preview link in the comments!


Strangeland - Review in 3 Minutes

In this 3 Minute Review, The Escapist's Jesse Galena covers Strangeland, a dark point-and-click adventure from Wormwood Studios, the team behind Primordia. I have a phobia of creepy carnivals. There's only so much time each week to check o...


KeyWe, a kiwi mailroom game built for co-op, is out August 31

[Update: KeyWe's summer launch window has been narrowed down to August 31, 2021.] I'm always on the lookout for charming co-op adventures, and for a while, I've had my eye on KeyWe, a puzzle-platformer about two bumbling birds who must som...


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