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Played some Dogworld. Currently $15 on Steam. Surprisingly good game. Yet another Metroidvania, even the high contrast white on black look is a little threadbare at this point. But whoever made this knew how to make a dang video game.


I never click these but they're really winning me over on the comedy of their titles alone.


I had been pretty tuned out on Giant Bomb for a while, then noticed this has been a feature for a few weeks now. It's unrelenting mania. I feel like either you'll love it or you'll hate it.


It's happening. Folks? It happened. Things got round again. Seems like straight lines and right angles in UI is once again out and rounded edges are back in. We do this back and forth every 5 or 10 years. It tracks almost perfectly with Sony's consoles.


Ok, people told me no, but I'm now 18 hours into Tactics Ogre remake and uh... nothing is changing? Maybe the remake is at fault, I read some complaints to that effect in forums. If/When things change, is it like gradual or a big sudden thing?


All Quiet on the Western Front on Netflix is probably the most intense war film I've seen in a long time. No glorification (the original novel is very anti war).


Occams, I had no idea you were doing well enough to advertise your services. Good for you, buddy.


Some hours into Tactics Ogre remake. Loving the story, but is the game known for being kinda easy? I say this after struggle busing my way through a lot of FF Tactics and seeing that this game is an extension of that, I was prepared for sterner stuff.


Thank you, Tactics Ogre, for telling me the boss of map three was engaged and although he worked hard to become a knight, "other happiness in this life remained forever out of his grasp." I feel fine! :s


Oh, by the way? Thank you for voting.


You really do need to vote.


Reiko Kodama, the producer of Skies of Arcadia, passed away in may at age 59. News has apparently only just come out. She was a graphics designer as well. As probably the first prominent woman in game dev, this is was an important member of the medium.


Ohhh, ok. They're doing some things very right with this RE4 remake.


[Type of music] to do [something incredibly specific] to. *extremely detailed painting of a bedroom*


"I'm not antisocial, I'm just not an idiot." - me, 2022


Ok, let's discuss Scorn a bit.


Forgive me father for I am about to play Scorn.


Somewhat randomly tried Destiny 2 recently, for the first time. And god alive is this game impenetrable. Coming in completely fresh with only some hours of Destiny 1 experience years ago, this is impossible to grasp.


The first email I read today was a Steam notification that Scorn is now for sale. My gut reaction was just "oh god".


Getting upvotes for things other people said as you is wild and I kinda love it.


Good luck to all the people working on the qtoid issues. If you're posting as someone else please be kind lol


For the record, this mario movie seems prefectly fine. Anyone expecting "it's a-me" had the wrong expectations.


After some continued time with Moonlighter, I think it's a good idea that doesn't do enough.


Thanks for the wishlist help. I ended up going with something I already owned and barely played: Moonlighter. The second go-around is working out much better although the shopkeeping aspect could be better explained. Was why I bounced the first time.


Ok, help me clear out the cruft in my wishlist: If anyone has opinions on the following games, lmk. Battle Chasers: Nightwar, Nantucket, Ion Fury, Momodora, Wargroove, Crawl, Star Renegades, Infernax, Mainframe Defenders, Sable, Tunic, Death Trash.


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