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Huh, this popped into my youtube front page. Pretty damn impressive.


I love XCOM style games, but they wear me out. Ok, I just got done with a tense battle. Now I have to sift through all my resources and monitor various timers and a ticking clocks. I'd probably really love these games if I was unemployed.


Got some time in with the diablo beta. It's diablo! Network is janky as shit at the moment, but native pc controller support is super welcome.


As we near the release of RE4 Remake, close to 20 years after the release of the original, I thought I'd share a fun story. The original was the first game I bought with my own money. It was actually my lunch money my dad gave me each morning.


Are any of the suicide squad properties any good? I feel like I've never heard anything good about the films or games and I'm quietly hoping that's true so it goes away and I don't need to keep hearing and reading the word "suicide" when they release.


Ok now *I* have finished the RE4 demo which means *I* get to say the loud words!


Noticed a random elon musk video on my YT sub menu from a channel with no other videos. Thought it was an ad. Was super pissed because I pay for youtube premium to avoid ads. Turns out it's a hijacked channel and this is fairly common.


I take it all back, AI is good!


Phantom Brigade tempting, just bumped into it on Steam. Xcom/Battletech but with a twist on the combat being semi-turn based, the action all resolves at once after you input your commands and you can see your enemy's actions. A bit like Frozen Synapse.


Ok, notepad, easy up. I just wanted to look at some of your settings, not get your theological perspective on nature, gosh.


Returnal iz gud


Returnal on PC next week, should hold me over until RE4 remake next month, I guess. Plus I gotta play Tunic at some point.


{Wordtoid} The word Mineral, specifically ore, is named for its location within a Mine. The second meaning of Mine as an explosive device (seen today in Land Mine, Proximity Mine, etc) comes from the use of explosives as mining tools.


Just seeing this type face makes me think of RPG menus. And the older Mincho font definitely reminds of the old Resident Evil games.


Wrapped up Dead Space remake, great game but jesus is it stressful. I'm very ready now to play something dumber and more actiony, like the RE4 remake. Some further commends on DS Remake in the comments.


{Wordtoid} Bye is a contraction of "good-bye", which is a contraction of "god be with ye". This one sounds fake, but it's not. It's a common construction, both Spanish Adios and French Adieu are contractions of "to god" from "to god I commend you".


Been a minute since I've kept up with a weekly release show, I forgot the internet becomes a minefield every Monday for me, since I rarely watch shows at air time.


Haven't done one of these in a while: {Wordtoid}! The archaic word Lite, meaning something small, only survives in its diminutive form, Little.


Some layoffs at Giant Bomb after their acquisition by Fandom (the wiki people), that site has been on rocky shores since the pandemic and then all their senior talent voluntarily quit (at the right time, apparently).


Is there a thing games don't do anymore that you'd like to see? Could be a gameplay thing or graphical thing, or anything really.


The Last of Us tv show?


Well, I haven't been playing FF14, unlike the rest of the planet, apparently!


One one hand, I can see why GDQ would want to shake things up with different categories of speedrun to showcase. But that also makes them harder to appreciate because I don't know wtf is going on.


First day back after vacation status:


Been putting some solid hours into Chained Echoes. Part way thoughts inside. But overall I do definitely recommend it to JRPG fans.


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