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The new HBO Carlin documentary is very well done. Learned a lot about a comedian I thought I already knew pretty well.


Do you ever have a phrase enter your head randomly, that has no connection or meaning to anything? Like when I'm just kinda browsing around suddenly the phrase "large oatmeal" gets into my head and it means nothing. How alone am I in this?


What if I get all of my upvotes in one big batch when Disqus finally fixes their shit? I'm gonna feel like the funniest, smartest boy on my block when that happens.


Seems like as of about 3 days ago I'm no longer getting notifications from Disqus about upvotes, only replies. This is terrible, I require validation.


I'm not saying it's an exactly fair comparison, but after looking back on Demon's Souls remake, that is a much more visually polished game than Elden Ring. I kinda felt that might be the case when ER launched, but comparing it again, yeah. No question.


You know your brain is being destroyed when you try to raise the volume or rewind when someone is talking to you... in person.


Finished Ozark. THOTS inside.


To deviate from the seriousness of the matter for just a moment, the internet being filled with the phrase "SCOTUS LEAK" isn't helping the mood.


Despite thinking it'd be a long time until I go back to Elden Ring, I've found myself fairly deep into a magic-only (sorta) run. Found a bunch of stuff I missed and also... they really made some difficulty tweaks since I initially played. See comments.




mmm, it's that time of spring were I get to rid on that sweet sweet benadryl buzz. I rea--zzzzzzzzzz.


It's the 1700s. Electricity is mostly a thought experiment. We're generations away from controlled flight. You buy tickets to a performance that includes this. You probably die, decades later, thinking about that evening.


So this is a weird one, I've regained some hearing in my non-hearing ear spontaneously (I have a weird medical condition that causes this, it's fine) and I gotta say I almost don't like it lol. It's like everything is a liiiittle too loud.


Seems legit.


Oh I forgot to mention that the disqus zoom-in bug on chrome stopped happening recently. I'm gonna go ahead and thank Chris Moyse for personally fixing this issue and no one can stop me.


So yeah, regarding that wall in elden ring that takes several hits (not saying what's inside of it but more of a comment in the wall inside)


{Wordtoid} No, "further" and "farther" do not have different definitions. It's a baseless conclusion made probably because "farther" just kinda sounds like "far" and "further" sounds uh... less like like "far".


Someone should hack the Elden Ring enemy AI to always be as aggressive as they are when they read your button input for healing. It would just be a non-stop fuck pile of bosses and enemies.


A little Elden Ring wordtoid, inside.


What is the deal lately with people putting spaces right before exclamation marks? It's gotta be a phone auto complete thing, but it's getting more common. I'm seeing it in youtube titles now.


So the disqus zoom-in bug doesn't happen for me on my default Samsung mobile browser or on firefox. But the notification bug DOES happen on those browsers. So I'm going between the two at this point.


The Rykard fight. That's one for the books. What a thrill ride.


Ok, the game and everyone keeps calling it a horse. But if you actually look, this is clearly a big goat you're riding around. Just saying.


So you can only put 100 markers on the map in Elden Ring. I say "only" because I indeed exhausted that count, because I was marking every location I had "completed" with the little walky man marker. Sigh...


Ok. What's your Elden Ring build right now?


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