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I gather fromn the complete lack of mention here that few of us play Satisfactory? The recent update news for that game has me verrrry excite(d).


Ok, gimme some metroid puzzle help. Don't look if you assume it'll be a spoiler for any reason.


I am fumbling with the controls in Metroid in ways I don't normally do. It's got quite a lot to memorize. Some buttons you hold, some you tap, some you hold while taping others, some you hold while holding others. It's a lot lol


Metroid Dread sequence break, baybeee. Pic in comments, not really a spoiler.


I haven't said "this is really cool" outloud while playing a game in a long time since Metroid Dread. In a world full of sidescrollers, it's nice to see that a higher budget example can still stand apart in certain ways.


Sora strikes me more as a professional flex by Sakurai than a popular character choice. Not to say Sora isn't popular. I don't think any game in history will do what Smash Ultimate did.


Wow, a 15 second voicemail?? Who could it be?


So it's not the Roku gin people have been tempting me about, but it's still quite good. I wasn't sure if it would be a disaster, but it's actually a really good gin with a nice after taste of earl grey. Probably a blasphemy to purists but who cares.




Shoes indoors at home: Never? If it's not likely to cause a mess? If you have several guests, not just younger people and not just for like a party, do you insist they remove them or let them do whatever?


Thanks, youtube, please translate it for me. I don't understand.


Back on my Valheim bullshit. It's been the perfecf amount of time between sessions, so I'm really digging it all over again. And the additions are very good.


I put 10 hours into Eastward and I have some opinyuns.


Eastward, it's pretty good so far. I basically learned about this game today as it released and have zero idea what it's goals are or where it's going. A rare position to be in. Had similar experience with Recompile, recently,


As he usually does, Marc Maron re-posted his previous interview with Norm MacDonald since his passing. It's really good, even if you're not into Maron.


Capcom, plz.


{Wordtoid Roundup} A quick list of some of my recent lookups (commentary in the comments) Grin; Grim; Agoraphobia; Rottweiler; Funeral; Million; Ransom; Courtesy; Cataract.


Video about the locked trophies in Melee. They're only originally gettable from some Japanese tournament back in '01. He then says "but you could unlock them using an Action Replay if you're 40 years old". Ouch. I was nodding along like "I got those!" :(


I go so hard back and forth on FF Tactics. One minute I'm having a good time, enjoying the writing and the story and the mechanics and then the next I'm stuck in a bullshit encounter and I don't want to even look at the game anymore.


You ever end up in a group text with a friend who is SO offline that you can't even joke with them anymore? I was going to text a response "because we live in a society" and I didn't because I'm pretty sure he would just go "yes, but [genuine answer]"


{Wordtoid} Bringin' it back. The words Gastric and Gas are unrelated. Gastric comes from Greek meaning to Gnaw or Devoure and would later refer to the stomach. Gas is a different Greek word that is related to Chaos, originally meaning a void.


This global warming is too scary, I wanna go back! (Photo from a co worker in jersey city)


I have a coworker with an accent and he mispronounces some words. When he says Asphalt is sounds like Asshole. I almost died when he started complaining about how by his house his "asphalt is busted" and they "cracked his asphalt and filled it with dirt".


Current status: alone in a room with two pounds of macaroni salad.


Oh god, guys? GUYS? I've been putting some bad things in there this whole time. Fuck. I'm gonna go to jail. Fuckfuckfuck


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