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Time once again for the Smash 64 combo contest.


Taking on a lot more responsibilities at work. Had a work stress dream and the odd part is that it involved the qtoid folks. I had said or written something, and everyone was replying to me here like "I can't respect you anymore", "how could you do this"


Been playing FF12 on new game + for a nice, semi-relaxing time. It's basically a boosted mode, you start at level 90. You can't kill everything instantly, like the big t-rex in the starting area you still can't kill that guy. A nice way to unwind.


Sundogday: Close Edition


Sundogday: Schleepy Edition


Playing Sable which I got off of the Steam sale. It is, so far, a really good fit for what I'm looking for right now: it has good progression with low impact. Read more: https://cohost.org/DrMel/post/2046322-playing-sable-it-s


I had heard this piece before, but it caught my ear again recently and I really sat with it this time. It was a little emotional, gonna be honest. Give it a couple close listens.


It really makes it feel like home when cohost also goes down kinda regularly lol. Anyway, sundogday. Old photo. All three of these little peanuts are no longer with us.


{Wordtoid} Host. From Latin and PIE roots, it refers to someone who is bound to accommodate a guest -- to be Hospitable. But the term didn't always specify the nature of the guest and what it is you're bound to "do", and so you also have related Hostile.


Man I was just talking about how I had yet to see anyone bring back pre-rendered backgrounds and... well someone did. Maybe not literally pre-rendered but it's the same effect. https://store.steampowered.com/app/2219890/THE%20/




I made a Cohost account. From what I can tell it is functionally very similar to Qtoid. If we were to all follow each other there it would be a pretty similar experience, from what I can tell. I'll still be here, but also there. https://cohost.org/DrMel


Sundog sunday (sideways edition)


It's honestly one of the most important videogames in my life.


Othertoid has begun. Once were were one. Now we are... Other.


God, modern classical performance recordings are so much better. Not only is everything mic'd up better, but not EVERYone in the audience is an old smoker anymore. Some classical greats sound like they were recorded in a damn coughatorium.


It's like someone applied a sepia tone filter on everything, it's crazy over here with this smog. Fuckn' canada, I tells ya.


The diablo is good and I recommend it.


I used to write poetry and short stories constantly when I was bored, and I found an old document full of random stuff with the incredible title "creepy text from the knifey beyond!" Most of my poetry was just words I thought sounded good together.




Getting deeper into Tunic. I had heard people say how crazy the puzzles get but I just had no idea. I haven't had a feeling like this in a very long time. It's really an outstanding production.


The sun has risen on this dog day. (Sideways, as usual)


Didn't sleep last night due to allergies. Was so tired during my morning dump that part way through I actually thought "oh, I'm not wearing my seat belt"


We all know Ultra Hand is a reference to an old Nintendo toy, right? I keep expecting coverage to leap at the chance to point this out and I haven't seen anyone do it.


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