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The diablo is good and I recommend it.


I used to write poetry and short stories constantly when I was bored, and I found an old document full of random stuff with the incredible title "creepy text from the knifey beyond!" Most of my poetry was just words I thought sounded good together.




Getting deeper into Tunic. I had heard people say how crazy the puzzles get but I just had no idea. I haven't had a feeling like this in a very long time. It's really an outstanding production.


The sun has risen on this dog day. (Sideways, as usual)


Didn't sleep last night due to allergies. Was so tired during my morning dump that part way through I actually thought "oh, I'm not wearing my seat belt"


We all know Ultra Hand is a reference to an old Nintendo toy, right? I keep expecting coverage to leap at the chance to point this out and I haven't seen anyone do it.


Dipped into two games some others here have played: Cloudpunk and Crab Champions. They're both neat and flawed.




Butt status: officially kicked by allergies. It's been a crazy pollen year.


Doggy sunday


Current. Sta-tus!


I should do my laundry.


Current status


This one was a real pain in the ass. Made it in just under the wire. But 💪 all the same


Ok, my hard fought S+ RE4R run, yet again, has been botched. This time because I didn't know the game clock keeps adding up when you "continue" a save instead of reload it form the main menu. Fucking dumb.


Been working on getting all the unlocks in RE4 remake. A lot of them require beating the game on Professional mode, which I've done once with what I have only recently discovered is a broken parry button. No wonder some parts felt BS.


Ok, RE4 first playthrough (which I did on hardcore, because the game made it sound like I should) thoughts in the comments. Spoilies obv.


Alright, not to dredge this up even more, but the idea that the RE4 review was embargoed the way it was is absurd. Review our game, but don't go into detail! As you might have noticed, it makes anything other than total praise hard to do...


Huh, this popped into my youtube front page. Pretty damn impressive.


I love XCOM style games, but they wear me out. Ok, I just got done with a tense battle. Now I have to sift through all my resources and monitor various timers and a ticking clocks. I'd probably really love these games if I was unemployed.


Got some time in with the diablo beta. It's diablo! Network is janky as shit at the moment, but native pc controller support is super welcome.


As we near the release of RE4 Remake, close to 20 years after the release of the original, I thought I'd share a fun story. The original was the first game I bought with my own money. It was actually my lunch money my dad gave me each morning.


Are any of the suicide squad properties any good? I feel like I've never heard anything good about the films or games and I'm quietly hoping that's true so it goes away and I don't need to keep hearing and reading the word "suicide" when they release.


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