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Sorry guys I didn't write it as a blog but I have a little discussion video on how nintendo dropped the ball on the 3D-All stars collection


Hey guys I been playing paper mario origami king and talk about hte battle system here! https://www.reddit.com/r/papermario/comments/hr4q22/paper%20/


damn in a video slump on youtube. Tried to make this blog I will be posting today a video, it just didn't work out. Also played Sonic 3D in 2D rom hack. Not bad


Mario 64 Odyssey rom hack came out! I played the Land and Mario Party 64 ROM Hack and told yall they were great. Odyssey one is only alright so far, not enough platforming too much adventure https://youtu.be/3YN0WdJXljg


Sorry haven't wrote in a while, will do my Mega Man rankings soon just been getting back into competitive Smash Bros Melee.


Played two mario 64 rom hacks. SUper Mario 64 land (amazing) and Super Mario Party 64 (not bad but a little too short and easy) definitely check them out!


Sonic movie this weekend! I'm so hype haha I just finished Sonic Black Knight, Secret Rings, Colors, and Sonic Adventure 1 DX


New blog is out yall! Part of my 2020 ultimate gamer resolution! Check it out <3




How's everyone enjoying Byleth? Feels weird but also cool. Can't wait for fighter pass 2


People who like jet set radio future over jet grind radio are people I do not trust


Star Fox video is officially done! So that means the blog will be out this week (with the video!) Also hey I was in the C-blogs for the week for the first time! <3 Thanks DTOID!


Just beat every mainline Mega Man game! 1-11! Ranking will be out for after Star Fox video (done just not published)


Top 10 Best Co-op games

Every time a person hears about multiplayer games, the assumption is that of two or four friends competing against each other or like many games today, playing online against others. But let's never forget something, a type of multipl...


Finished all the classic Mega Man games! This is definitely going to be my hot take. Also officially wrote the script / blog for my star fox series review. Out this saturday!


Just finished all of star fox series! Part of my crazy 2020 resolution blog! https://www.destructoid.com/--577453.phtml#post


2020 the year I try to be the ultimate gamer

Hey guys happy new year to everyone! I can't believe it's 2020 already, but hey that's life. So, in all I always say I want to blog more, which I started doing again like it was the beginning of 2010; however it is time for my major an...


Doing a cool feature for 2020...well it's gonna be a year long feature but I am playing every main game in a franchise this year. Starting off with Mega Man and Mega Man X! Star Fox is next! (blog to explain coming along)


Happy new year everyone! also how is DQXI? I just picked it up for switch


Mega Man X4 is weak compared to X5 just finished and man X5 just is so good / better in every aspect. Like X2 to X for me


Shovel Knight king of cards was the most fun I had in a long time!


This new Mario Maker 2 patch is amazing! How did eveyone do on Ninji speedrun?! I just got a 20.003 for #3100 something. But here's my run from 3am! https://youtu.be/uTzMW61IJGM


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