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The Most Fun I Had With Games in 2016

2016 was a year for escapism if there ever was one. There were a lot of game sales that let me catch up on some that I missed the first time around and some new releases that were a long time coming. Here's what stood out to me. ...


My Game of the Year 2015: Transformers Devastation

Simply put I have not had this much fun with a game in a long time. It seems like a perfect convergence of developer, license, art direction, and gameplay. THIS GAME IS  A BLAST. Transformers G1 holds a special place for me, ...


Biggest Disappointment of 2015: Star Wars Battlefront

This should come as no surprise to a lot of people. The thing that got me though, is that I -knew- it was going to be a disappointment, but I held out hope anyways. Everything pointed to this being a game I would not enjoy, but little bit...


Final Fantasy: Distant Worlds (Omaha)

Last week my wife and I attended Final Fantasy: Distant Worlds at the Holland Center in Omaha. We were very fortunate (and surprised) that the show came to Omaha and knew we couldn't miss a chance to see music from Final Fantasy performed...


Etrian Odyssey IV: D-toid contest!

I really dig the Etrian Odyssey series. Not only do I like a good dungeon crawl, but Etrian feeds my near-insatiable lust for... cartography! Any game that includes mapmaking as part of the adventure is aces in my book. I'm really looking...


The Jim Sterling Fun Time Happy Hour

This started as just a little doodle in my sketchbook. But then after watching "Thank God for Me: The Jimquisition Story," I was suddenly... inspired? Is that the word? Perhaps by something... divine??? I like Jim-- really-- sincerely th...


True Nature: Memories of Star Road

Like many, many gamers, I have a distinct love for Mario. I'm old enough to remember playing the original Mario Bros. in the arcade, and it remains one of my favorites of the series. Super Mario Bros. as well, where you had to wait in lin...


Beercade mural: Supreme Awesome in Nebraska?

I don't need to lay out the events that lead me to visit Benson, Nebraska this past weekend. What I need to do is share the mindblowing win that was found on a small-town wall as my gf and I took a walk down Maple Street after breakfast. ...


My D-Toid car for ModNation Racers!

ModNation Racers Career Mode frustrates me to no end, but all I really want to do is make cars-- so here's the Destructoid racecar I just finished! -- 100% sticker limit! -- kickass rocket engine! -- Florida plates, yo! I think it cam...


My Mod Nation Racers Beta experience

Yikes! I'm still a daly dtoid reader, but I haven't c-blogged in ages! Let's try and fix that :-) Over the holidays I was able to spend some quality time with a backlogs of games I've been wanting to play or complete. Tho that effort was...


A Time to Build: Shoot-Em-Up Construction Kit

So "back in the day" there was this software, Shoot 'Em Up Construction Kit. Lovingly referred to as "SEUCK." It's still one of the pieces of software most responsible for my career to this day. I was very fortunate to have a father ...


Street Fighter Tourney at Arcade UFO, Austin

Arcade UFO is an arcade in Austin that features several Japanese-style sit down cabinets, among other traditional cabinet games. This Saturday they hosted a Street Fighter tournament that included Street Fighter II, Third Strike, and ...


Rondo of Swords

Has anyone checked out Rondo of Swords? (Not to be confused with Brawndo of Swords, with Electrolytes)  It's a turn based strategy with a rather unique combat system. You use the stylus to draw out your character's attack path ov...


Nintendo Pokémon Event: Darkrai!

It's a rare thing that gets me up before twelve on a Saturday morning. A Pokémon event is one of those things. Today at Toys R Us (and tomorrow 6/1 at most stores) thye offered a special Mystery Gift via Nintendo Wi-Fi to get t...


If you love it, change it: Pokémon

I have a lot of favorite games. I hate having to answer the question, "So what's your favorite game?" It's just too narrow a question to such a broad subject. But if I had to, a relatively encompassing answer for me would be Poké...


Damn you, St. Mystere

Do you like solving puzzles? Or perhaps free time to do other things of import? Be it known that Professor Layton and the Curious Village holds these two actions in high conflict. What is one to do? I do enjoy brainteasers and their ...


Airport Extreme and Nintendo DS WiFi

Something that has bothered me for a long time was that I could never get my DS to connect to my home wireless network, via Airport Extreme. The issue is with the newer model Extremes that operate at 802.11n and the DS's very picky DNS an...


My Pixel, My Mistress

A little Darwin Cooke, for the hell of it: I'm sure many people can instruct you how to make one of these little animated gif slideshows, in fact he will tell you it's easy. It is easy, especially if you have Image Ready (which is a rob...


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