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Beyond Blue was a calming dip in the sea. Only able to spend a couple of minutes with it, but this is one I want in the future. (3/30)


First game of the Rezzed Zone I'm covering, 999. No, not Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors. I mean a game made by one guy that's a bit like a puzzle platformer...and so, so hard. In fact, when on display at EGX in September... (2/30)


EGX Impressions, part...erm, four or five? I made sure I checked out the Rezzed Zone, the independent developer area that had a huge plethora of titles. Some of these engaged me a lot more than the bigger developers... (1/30)


I've been trying to sort out an issue with my mother's iPhone, to no avail. She had to go to the Apple Store in the hope of sorting it out. Almost worried myself sick about it. I just hope it doesn't cost money. :(


After a good day of sorting stuff out and playing games, I finally managed to finish FTL on Normal difficulty, Enhanced mode. I may return to sort out the odd task (and because I love the game), but for now, I'm looking at playing another Steam game...


Just a shout out to some peeps here; I've gone over Dtoid's Master Gaming Contact List (https://www.destructoid.com/prepare-to-friendship-dtoid-s-master-gaming-contact-list-376128.phtml) and added some of you to my friends list, if you're ok with a Brit.


Happy New Year (and Happy Birthday, Soulbow)! I've been watching the Pixar movie Inside Out, playing Forza Horizon 4 and Dakar 18, and planning my holiday for the coming year. :)


Also in the Leftfield Collection, WHAT THE GOLF? (that's the title) charmed me with its off-the-wall silliness. What starts out as golf soon evolves into other stuff that acts like golf. Makes me wonder what the game itself will develop towards.


In the Leftfield Collection at EGX, I got to try out Tanglewood, the Mega Drive platformer where you play as a fox. It had some charming animation, and I needed a little guidance with going through the forest level I was attempting. Neat little game.


I'm never that proficent at fighting games, so I like ones that bring me happiness regardless of my ineptitude. Soul Calibur VI was still fun for me for what I played at EGX, and if I ever get a copy, I'd like to main Ivy for the cheap long-range attack.


EGX Impressions: Part 2 or 3. We need to talk about Jump Force and My Hero: One's Justice. The latter was reviewed on Destructoid, got an above average score. I felt these were both my picks for my favourites for EGX. Explaination in comments.


Dragon Quest XI would be under the 'played a bit of the title that wouldn't satisfy there and then, but will purchase later anyway because I like JRPGs/the series/delete as appropriate' thing that I explained in a previous post. Knowing this, I moved on.


Untitled Goose Game. What can I say? I had a fun time being an arse to the gardener, waddling around, heaving garden tools and lobbing them in the pond. It's full of the kind of spiteful stuff I'd like to do to workmates who don't do as they are told.


Tetris Effect, as I've said before on the comments section of Destructoid articles, reminds me of Chime in how the mechanics of the game pair with the music. And that is a good thing. Having the creator of Rez on this helps too. Recommended experience.


Continuing my EGX impressions. The Persona Dancing games remind me that (a) I've got to get round to playing Persona 4's version, as the remixes and controls are to my liking, and (b) I'll have to get a PS4 sometime. *munching on some Pringles to win one


Spider-Man on the PS4 was a fun diversion. I spent some time knocking out some goons on a building site, as well as a few side-quests. Fighting and web-swinging are good, I just needed a little extra practise to make those flow better. :)


Right, since I didn't keep my promise to give my impressions of games I played at EGX, I'm deciding to do some now since I've got the time. Starting with Fist of the North Star: Lost Paradise....


I hope you had a good Christmas everyone. To anyone who is unwell, physically or mentally, I pray, hope and wish for your recovery. And may your New Year be awesome. :)


So, I did say that I'd put down impressions of the games I played at EGX in Mid-September. I'll try and put the odd one in here a few times this coming week.


Heads up for all those in Europe. We seem to have another ill-advised effort to change law on internet activity. The EU wants to pass this on June 20th. http://hayleymulch-art.tumblr.com/post/174719239221/i-dont-usually-share-this-kind-of-thing-and-i


Wargroove is a title you've probably seen looking like an Advance Wars-style SRPG. It's characters are more cartoony-medieval, and the difficulty on a single-player game was quite tough. Not entirely sold on it yet.


Rezzed 2018 Impressions (again). Strange Brigade! I like the 1930's matinee aesthetic in this third-person shooter. I decided to choose the female engineer (each character has a special that activates when you chain your kill-rate long enough...)


No doubt some of you have played an early version of Nippon Marathon or something. At Rezzed, I really enjoyed it with three others playing. The obstacle course I was one played like the scoring system in Micro Machines, first to lose the others wins...


Rezzed impressions (part three). Moonlighter was good, loved the animations. Took a little time to get used to both shop menus and fighting in the dungeons. Realised I had to roll to get across to gapped platforms. I liked the...


PSA before I go to bed; the artist Milton Knight, responsible for a lot of stuff we watched in the 1990's, including designs for the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog, needs some monetary help against an evicition notice. Links in comments.


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