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My first gift to my baby gamer!!


Just a quick reminder that Psylocke flaunted a diaper in X-Men Apocalypse. Thank you for your attention.


Anyone using the Xbox elite controller 2? I'm eyeing the core because I don't really need the customization, but I'd like a better build quality and that looks positively improved from the bundled pad. I just don't know if it's €130 improved. Opinions?


Happy new year you filthy animals! I'm busy as hell as a fresh father but I'm still rocking into the new year with y'all! Much love <3 <3 <3


I'm happy 2022 is ending so maybe we'll finally move past Elden Ring if we're lucky. It's been a tough year for me guys.


Well well well, since you're all sharing ps stats, I'll slap my top 3 switch games of 2022. I didn't play many games, but boy if I ate good this year!


Top 5 Death Stranding games, ranked by piss


So while I was taking with me all the things for a two-months trip to the city where my baby will be born, I totally forgot my switch. Looks like I'll be a 24/7 father for the time being!


Some developer on the internet: oh series S is totally thrash and is dragging the generation down. One of the most ambitious games released in the last years that needed to be improved for its dumpster fire launch: lemme optimize this shit for real


And so it ends. I think it's been a long time since I've prepared so much to beat a boss, but in the end Galdera fell. I feel a little hollow now.. Octopath II can't come soon enough!


Me: Man, I'm worried about climate change. The sun:


As reported from @Kotaku, in the last attempt to fuel her boycott campaign of Bayo3 Hellena Taylor is now suggesting to donate money (among others) to Kentucky's anti-abortion group Billboards 4Life (@BB4LifeKY). The circle is now complete.


Time to steal the show! Longtime Playstation exclusive Persona 5 Royal finally joins the Switch library and what better time to celebrate with a steel book edition? Mini review of the port in comments!


First gameplay snippets of P5R for switch are leaking on YouTube and it appears to run perfectly fine, putting some fears to rest. I know it's basically a PS3 game but it's still nice to have confirmation. Can't wait to play it in the comfort of my bed!


Be still my heart, for all the lovers of Final Fantasy of yore like you may have found a new home in the Octopath series. Here's hoping the new game delivers!


Alisia Dragoon, Beyond Oasis and Earthworm Jim released for NSO! Honestly the genesis catalogue is STRONGLY outperforming the SNES one these days. Also a good chance as another to remember that Beyond Oasis's music was composed by Yuzo Koshiro.


Love the resurgence of tactics games, but where's FFT? C'mon Square, we know it's coming, just give it to us already!


So Sean Booth of British electronic duo Autechre revealed they were contacted by Retro for scoring Metroid Prime but Nintendo canned it. I'm so torn now. MP music is amazing, but on the other hand, Autechre. Oh man.


I've finally made it through Disco Elysium and I think it has definitely ruined every other narrative game for me. Also happy birthday Chrono, you're a cool cat and a fantastic addition to this place!


So I gave a quick glance at the official game catalog for the revamped Ps plus and, unless I haven't seen the full thing...yeeeeshhh. What do you guys think?


With all this talk about elden ring I'd be tempted to go and buy it if it wasn't already at home. Elden Ring at home:


Finally wrapped up Shin Megami Tensei V. I had my reservations at first but in the end I enjoyed the game immensely. The so called "true ending" is really great (and I feel it's pretty deserved seeing the requirements). So what's the take around here?


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