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Before the great exodus, I need to highlight this month's genesis games on the NSO because COR BLIMEY! Landstalker, Crusader of Centy, Ghouls'n Ghosts and Revenge of Shinobi all at once? You have to be kidding me!


Well, Cohost it is then! I've just made an account, I'll add you all ASAP. https://cohost.org/Clarknovalis


Real talk, guys: where's Red&Blue for the NSO? If they have to announce the DLCs for S/V, they can at least throw us a bone of retro-nostalgia. Do it Ninty!


Rumor has it that in the (unannounced) Nintendo direct they'll show a new 2D Mario and a remake of a SNES classic. I don't want to be hyped but oh boy if I'd like to believe that to be true.


Proof that AI art is definitely validated.


Who had the "new not Persona in the Xbox Showcase" on their bingo card? Definitely not me!


PlayStation showcase predictions - Clarknovalis edition: Final Fantasy Tactics remaster.


I think I've found a golden mine, guys.


Well AI sure loves 2000s and fires. Not sure about the beer tho


Man, Zelda leaking so soon is so fucking annoying. I've already been almost out of any social media, but this is the nail in the coffin. I even received a message on Whatsapp from people who usually don't give a fuck with screenshots and all. SHTAP


Ah, the memories. I remember when I still was excited for a new Final Fantasy.


PSA, rumours have leaked of a release on Game Pass of Shin megami tensei III nocturne HD + ports of SMTIV& Apocalypse and SMTV. Looks sketchy as hell but I'd be super down for a replay of SMTV with a decent resolution/frame rate!


Another new indie game just launched and on consoles, and Slimey spams qposts like there's no tomorrow


Badly pitched videogames time! I'll start with mine: a life sim of an ordinary teenager where you get to play every day of his school year, including doing exams and laundry. You sometimes battle monsters for a little time and then it's back to school.


Finally, a release date for Silksong


Jeez, only a Nintendo product could have the name of "Pokemon Go Plus +" WHY DO YOU DO THIS


Pokemon presents incoming, with classic music and crits teased! I know how silly it sounds, but I'd be excited to see Red/Blue/Yellow appear on the NSO. Moreso because it would mean that Ruby/Sapphire are next!


Update on the Octopath Traveler II steelbook preorder shaeningans with GameStop: turns out the product wasn't available anymore and now I'm offered a refund. This must be the first time ever I preorder anything from them and this is the result. Beautiful.


And now, in celebration for Qtoid's great reopening, some other great news from around the web.


I know some of you degenerates will want this.


Three minutes in the Octopath II demo and the games's already paying a lovely homage to Pokemon in one of the best ways I've seen. 10/10 already


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