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A letter to Microsoft

Dear Microsoft, It�s great to see you release a cheaper version of your new next gen console, people like cheap and I�m sure shareholders love the idea of selling more hardware. However, I fear you haven�t realised the ramifications of thi...


Call of Doody

I assume you�ve heard of this new fangled Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare game just recently announced. Woo! A new COD game! I had no idea they were going to release one this year! But how far Advanced can this softw-are be from its own seri...


The Burden of Cheap

My last two pieces were about multiplayer, so I think it�s high time I talk about something different. Let�s have a look in the basket: �Board games vs video games�... �How much story impacts a game�... �How many chickens I can fit into an ...


Multiplayer Madness

Multiplayer is a weird baby these days. A mention of the �M� word can send people cringing at tacked on gameplay features like Bioshock 2 or Batman Arkham Origins. Or it can frustrate people these days with the �love or hate� communities of...


Terraria is love, Terraria is life

Sod me, Terraria is fun. Maybe it�s super fun to me because I play it with my friends, maybe it is legitimately an amazing game. To those of you who are uneducated; Terraria is a magically crafted 2D RPG aventure. Trying to sell its genius...


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I am cursed to be forever 12 years old, both in my looks and attitudes. I'm the kind of person who laughs at my own jokes, and is shamefully honest. The few things I have going for me are my genius wit, and obsession with games. I've been gaming for ever and don't see myself slowing down. My first love of games was "Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire". I would play the level where you first get the jet pack dozens of times in a row and never get sick of it. Now that I think about it, I'm going to play it again now.
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