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I know I haven't been around much lately but I came across something I had to share. This note came with an Atari 2600 game (Laser Gates by Imagic) I bought on Ebay this week. Kind of touching.


I assume that this is the kind of NFT garbage Valve is trying to keep off of Steam? Just *barf* this is some creepy incel stuff here.


Know I haven't been around much lately... but I had to share this. Merry Christmas, love you all ❤️🎁🎄


I just found out someone murdered Mercy's voice actress I'm seriously crying it's just awful :( (clarification: it was the brazilian portugese actress)


Doing a DJ stream at 9 EST on Twitch tonight if anyone's interested. Darkwave, synthpop, your usual goth club staples. Goths are just geeks who wear black! <3


Haven't been around much, I know, but I love you guys & the community here. I got vaxxed over a week ago & I've had bad depression since. I think I'm just scared of things going back to normal & terrified of trying to find a new job.


IronGate: no quicksaves or separate saves in Valheim! Deal with consequences! My Valheim save game folder:


#selfietoid My webcam isn't hooked up but this is from my goth night DJ stream a few weeks ago.


Everyone's complaining about pc/console hardware shortages when the real story is why you would even *bother* upgrading. The most demanding games tend to be live service trash or half-broken single player titles. Why spend $500+ to run bad games better?


PSA: If you want a refund on Cyberpunk on Steam but you're over 2 hours playtime send a general support ticket asking them for a refund (vs the automated refund form). I was over 4 hours of playtime & they still let me refund to my Wallet at least.


Played a bit of Streets of Rage 2 last night with my Gen Z girlfriend. She asked why there was a cooked turkey in the trash can and what was it for. God I feel old lol


They Bleed Pixels is out on Switch today! I played this years ago on PC and I was always sad that it didn't get the attention it deserved. It's a great, brutal little platformer with an amazing spooky soundtrack. Definitely a great Halloween game.


I just listened to Sterling's new blog on Golden Axed, a prototype that was made in 2013. Just happens... I wrote a blog here on Dtoid in 2013 all about bringing back classic Sega franchises. Kinda wondering if someone from Sega saw it...


My retro battlestation is complete! Not sure what else I'd add, these are the systems I most care about. Just wanted to share :D


I decided to make my girlfriend a PC - the core is older parts I already had, but I got a new kb/mouse & case. She's decorating everything, including the monitor, controller, & case (the sides are off for Sailor Moon painting). Video tour when we're done!


Dtoid is the best gaming community around but I wish there was a little more PC and hardware (PC & console) related coverage. I have to go to places like WCCFTech for that stuff and they aren't nearly as nice and have some alt-right creeps around.


Went through with it, that's a 3700x. Should be great for gaming for a few years. Now for the fun part of installing it all :D


I think I'm going to upgrade my PC so I can build a second PC with the parts left over. I'll put it beside my main PC for my girlfriend & we can either play stuff together or she can play more chill stuff while I play stuff like Cyberpunk this November.


Someone on the other side of the block is having a party so loud I can hear it here. Yeah giant party during a pandemic what a great idea. We're all going to die.


Yaasssss finally here!


I've mostly been doing well with the pandemic since I'm staying in & getting to see my girlfriend a bunch (she's my 1 person I see). But between the boredom & political news & the pandemic it's getting to me. Think I might upgrade my PC as a distraction.


lol this just came up in my Facebook memories. We're still dating a year later, guess I was nerdy enough for her.


Playing Thunder Force IV & I have to say I'm not sure why people say it's better than III. It's *good*, but not great so far. Lots of slowdown/flicker, weaker ost, weaker level design. Some neat bosses, though... with tons of slowdown. Hope it picks up.


I was going to sell a friend some manga & they offered me an SP instead of cash! Been wanting one for a while since I collect OG GB games & the SP is considered the best way to play them. But now I will be tempted to collect Color & Advance games... oh no


Finally just broke down and ordered a copy of Thunder Force IV. Yeah I can emulate it but I own an actual Genesis and CRT so it feels weird to play it any other way. What I sampled previously didn't seem quite as good as 3, but it was still pretty great.


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