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Saw this preview for Sons of the Forest and JUST GIVE IT TO ME NOW.


Was just thinking randomly what I'd consider to be one of my favorite animes, and honestly it's probably Mushishi. It's such a chill show, though sometimes a bit dark. The mushi are such weird interesting creatures and for a great dark fairy tale vibe


Going to sign up for therapy. My depression has been bad again and I'm missing too much work. Going to try online because it's currently hard to leave the house.


Decided to finally try out Chorus, which I had grabbed months ago on sale. I am immediately hooked, it's like if a space ship shooter was kinda like an action/adventure game? Also once I got a few abilities combat because so damn awesome.


Man I swear, ever since I had covid back in April I feel like I'm just getting cold/flus more often and they last longer. It sucks amd it's really annoying. Have an unrelated pic btw.


2nd game I beat this year is The Chant. Overall a solid 7/10 budget horror. Has some neat ideas that in hindsight I wish were implemented more but it was overall good and kept me invested and wanting to play till the end.


Following up my previous post, I think the top 3 action game from 2022 I played were in order; 1. Soulstice, 2. Evil West and 3. Bayonetta 3 in that order.


In hindsight, I think Soulstice was the best action game I played last year. More so even then Bayo 3 even. Was just a solid experience from beginning to end.


I was REAAAAAALLLLY liking Evil West until I think I hit a progress blocking glitch. I'll just go back to some previous levels in the meantime for missed chests and hopefully restating that one level fixes the bug. UPDATE: Am dumb, is all good now.


Decided to get Infernax yesterday since a bunch of you put it on your top 10 lists. Yeah, this games rocks.


Also I guess I should do a top 10 list for stuff this year? I guess so, I'll post it in the comments after I do some double-checking what came out this year.


Current status; it's not a minor version. And I'm out of lozenges and cold medicine.


After it being in the backlog for awhile, I went back to Xenoblade 3. And NOW I understand what people were saying about the Chapter 5 stuff. Holy crap that was a LOT.


I don't care what anyone says, Jingle All the Way is a annual xmas CLASSIC!


Also I got warm socks, new pj pants and a neck tube from my parents and as an adult I am SUPER glad for practical gifts now.


Merry Xmas, have a selfie!


Hanging with the this xmas eve/day! Currently watching It's a Wonderful Life like we do every year. I gotta say the dialogue in this STILL makes me laugh sometimes. But hoo boy, the feels hit harder the older I get.


So it's even COLDER today, so here's a pic of the employee entrance to my work to give you guys a visual example.


I got called out by this in discord so now I'm posting it here to potentially call you all out too!


The hell? Why do I have an email from Extra Life saying I passed a thousand dollars in donations? That can't be right lemme check really quick..... oh.


Also I'd like to apologize to my secret santa, I only managed to order your item this morning. Amazon says expected delivery is the 24th though!


Ah. I wonder how today is going to b-


Aw yeah, new personal best!


Man, Vampire Survivors on the phone is dangerous.


Man, Grime has it's hooks in me real good. Setting is surreal and interesting, the monsters and lore are cool and it feels decent to play. Definitely would recommend if you guys like stuff like Hollow Knight, Deaths Gambit and Blasphemous.


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