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Why did none of you tell me this existed!? I gotta find a copy now.


If anyone was curious what I ended up playing for my sick day today, I ended up resting most of the day then ended with enough strength to head to the living room and ended up playing more Tiny Tina's Wonderlands.


Gimme ideas for a switch game to play while I'm sick and in bed today. Preferably something not to mentally demanding.


First episode of Moon Knight is super good! Definitely looking forward to more episodes!


Kirby is beaten but not completed. Will slowly work in getting all the waddle dees and blueprints then work on this new stuff that unlocked.


Man the past 2 days of work have been sloooow. And I have to buy a new mattress later because I probably need new glasses. Ah well, c'est la vie. Also new Kirby and Tiny Tina's Wonderlands are great mental breaks from Elden Ring frustration/burnout.


Why yes I would love to buy 10 acres of WHITE VOID


Hmmmmmm Edit: Nevermind it's up again! I'm now turning this into an AMA thread!


Work day was slow so I got to leave early. Grabbed the new Kirby game and some mtgs cards and now I'm heading home to enjoy my weekend!


Guess who's finally getting hired at the place he's been a temp worker at since October??


Alright, The Eternal Cylinder is pretty great so far.


Hmmmm. I feel like I'm playing Strangers of Paradise wrong somehow. I'm trying to beat the first boss and he keeps kicking my ass. I keep trying to do this soul guard thing but the combat hasn't clicked for me yet. Ah well, I'll try sleeping on it.


I think I need to make a character who just does fists and throw pots and call him...


Happy Bday Alpha! I also forgot to post this song you made me! Thanks a bunch, you are awesome!


Dude, Elden Ring I love you. But invisible enemies can go to heeeellllll


Don't know if it's because I haven't been feeling well, or if I just hit a skill wall, but there's these 2 bosses that I just can't seem to beat right now in Elden Ring. Spoiler venting in the comments. Pic related.


Still feel like crap. Going to have some soup and toast and then see if I can at least wander around and explore in Elden Ring. Maybe try to kill a magic dragon. Pic probably related.


Rested a bit and am playing more Elden Ring. Did you know there's MORE map!?


Update. Test is negative, still feel like shit though.


God I feel like I'm going to throw up today. Dad is going to drop off some extra covid tests that his work gave him, so we'll see if I'm infected or not. The worst part....I don't think I can play Elden Ring right now!


Almost lvl 100 in Elden Ring baybeeee!


AW YEAH! I beat that giant man and his tiny horse!


Sorry Estoc. Meteoric Ore Blade is my new best friend.


Maaaaan, wish I could find a merchant selling smithing stones.


Dying to the [REDACTED] is HORRIFYING!


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