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Man, Red Dead Redemption 2 is super good so far.


Here's another friendly reminder that Rango is one of the best modern westerns and it's soundtrack is amazing.


Just a friendly reminder that the Music Meister was probably one of the best Batman villains.


Capcom, my proposal. Zack and Wiki 2. That's all. Do it for her!


I love waiting 45 mins just to have a doctor sign this paper to renew my prescriptions. Current status;


Just started Hitman 3 earlier. You may currently call me.... Detective 47! Update: Five stars baybee!


I have just discovered Eskimo Callboy. Excuse me while I binge.


Hear me out here. 3rd person shooter but with Titanfall 2 style gunplay.


Did a random single pull on the basic bitch banner in Genshin today and..... BEHOLD!! I got She-Vergil!


Thank god, I managed to join a temp agency a month before I was about to be f-ed financially. Now to just wait for them to find me something.


Me when 2.1 hits Genshin.


Friend of mine has got me reinterested in trying out Hunt: Showdown. Anyone here play? What's the verdict on it?


No... wait... Belmonts are the good guys..right? RIGHT!?


Bought Eastshade on a whim and it is delightful so far. For those unaware it's a first person adventure game on a big open island where you play as a painter. Think like one of those photographer games, but with painting! It's super chill so far.


*is excited to host his dnd campaign after like forever* *Sees his one friend streaming on twitch 30 mins before sessions start at our place.*


Alright I'm down. This looks weird and fun.


Woo! Wooo! Pulled my adorable sleepy ninja girl today!


Hey guys, Mortal Shell just released its new dlc today and it's FREE for the first 5 days! If you love the game or even had a just an interest in playing it GRAB THAT SHIT!! EDIT: My bad you have to own the game first. WHICH YOU SHOULD IT'S GOOD!!!




Went into a sweet shop with my Mom yesterday, and the floor was peer pressuring me.


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