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Damn closest I've ever gotten. Those busses are brutal.


I would no joke watch this.


Aw sweet, people played the same stuff as me!


Oh awesome, it's going from plus 1C to -20C by tonight. That's going to be GREAT for my weather migraines. Man Alberta weather is dumb.


Welp. I guess I'm on act two in Tales of Arise now.


Playing Tales of Arise right now. This is my main take away.


Finally going to see the new spiderman tonight. I've somehow managed to avoid most spoilers too! Pic unrelated.


A few months ago Eric wrote about this game called Fuga: Melodies of Steel and described it as Vakyria Chronicles meets DQ Rocket Slime. That piqued my interest so I put it in my wishlist. And guess what? It's in sale on the eshop! Go buy it you guys!


2nd pull on her banner. I think I used up my rng luck for the month.


Just watched Encanto, it was awesome. This was my favorite song.


Did a rapid response test earlier and it came up negative. Now I just need to deal with this bad cold.


Welp, found out that a buddy who was over for dnd on Sunday, his roommate tested positive. He went in earlier to get tested but I'm going to do today as well just in case. Fingers crossed!




Lookit this sweet new bag I got from my mom! Can't wait to put a bunch of pins on it!


Current status, enjoying the first day of my 4 day xmas weekend with a late breakfast at a local diner.


After finishing Hawkeye last night I need a series with both Yelena and Kate Bishop. Also give me more Jaques. That guy is great.


Thank you secret santa!


Just finished up The New War questline in Warframe. HO-LEE-SHIIIIIT!!! So awesome! Lots of amazing and WTF moments and it was all really cool! Also Ballas is officially biggest douchebag and asshole in Warframe. Now I must farm for Caliban.


Guess who found a PSvita TV at his local game store?


New War campaign is out as of yesterday! Word of warning, it's apparently 6-8 hours, you can't do regular Warframe activities till it's done AND you CANNOT replay the quest once finished. Looking forward to spending my Saturday on it.


Yeah this seems correct.


Dammit my psplus ran out, how will I co-op The Forest with my friend now?? *Checks email. Sees a deal for half off one year if you don't have a current subscription* PERFECT!!


Having a day so far where my brain emotions and thoughts are being a swirly mess of stress, sadness and"no don't do the things". Luckily my antidepressants have let me fight it enough to head to work but it's very surface level today. Send me happy memes.


The lethargy is strong with me this weekend. Update; Made a big ol salad and put on Hot Fuzz and I'm already in a better mood!


I am a gambling man.


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