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Been feeling like crap the past week, but while I've been home I finally got into the story mode for The Long Dark. On episode 3 and I think it's tied with The Forest and Subnautica as my favorite survival game.


A day in the life of the common Trehbum.


Anyone got any good black friday deals yet? I got Nier Automata for switch and a replacement beard trimmer from Best Buy so far. Got Metal Hellsinger on PSN, and I'm thinking of getting the new Plague Tale and Soul Hackers 2 at Gamestop tomorrow.


I finally beat a run in Dead Cells! I'd like to thank Magic Bow, Mushroom Boi and Leghugger. You guys were the real MVPs.


Heads up, stores are starting their black friday sales! Decided to rebuy Nier Automata because the switch version is on sale, and I also just noticed ps store has Metal Hellsinger and a bunch of other stuff discounted. Sorry wallet.


Me convincing myself to get out of bed this morning.


Bday was pretty good and chill. Played a bunch more Eternal Cylinder, then after some friends came over. Played a few games of Red November, then did 6-player co-op in Shredders Revenge and then finally a bunch of rounds of Ultimate Chicken Horse!


As of today I have reached life rank 34. I'm not sure what unlocks I get, maybe some cosmetic skins or something.


And I'm done! Thanks for everyone who watched and donated! Now I'm going to have dinner. And maybe listen to a podcast. UPDATE: Because you can never game TOO much, I ended up playing like 3 more hours of Warframe afterwards. Now I go pass out.


Doing my 12 hour ExtraLife charity/birthday stream TODAY!!! I'm live RIGHT NOW, so if you wanna hang with me while I play the below games and/or donate to my local children's hospital (Stollery Children's Hospital) the links are below!


See this guy? This is who you could be hanging out with this Saturday during my 12 hour ExtraLife and birthday stream. Tempting right?


Goddammit. I just realized I made my credit card payment on Friday to the WRONG CARD! I don't even USE that card anymore!


I want to go to bed but Bayonetta 3's ending is STILL GOING!!


Got Bayo 3 on Friday, it's so damn fun. Trains and spiders are my offensive jam right now. Update: The mic is my NEW new jam.


Follow up to my previous post. My favorite recent-ish sci-fi movie is Annihilation with Natalie Portman.


We doing movie hot takes? Here's mine; I don't really like Interstellar. Watching it feels like I'm being talked to by some smug science nerd who's using that tone of voice where he clearly see's himself as a superior human being. The robot was cool tho.


Made a flyer poster for work for my ExtraLife stream. How's it look?


Damn, I thought of the GREATEST version of the classic cereal killer pun costume yesterday. Don't have the time to make it, but oh well I'll do it next year. If you're curious I'll detail it below in the comments.


Going to an old school style theatre tonight to see Rocky Horror Picture Show with my mom. Only seen it on VHS and dvd so this'll be great. UPDATE: Theatre was actually closed, which is weird because it had signage up. But whatever, had a good hangout.


Finally own it physically! I need more horror musicals in my life.


Current status


So I learned a thing last week at work. You ever work with a someone who, when they aren't at work, the work speed seems to passively become slower for some reason? I'm apparently that guy. No idea how me being there changes it, but I guess it does???


Honestly really enjoying Fobia. The puzzles are good (actually had to think and use some paper), the spooks are solid, I definitely want to see where this story goes and while the combat SUCKS it's not the worst I've seen. Solid 7/10 so far.


Just found out I was muted for the entirety of my 2 hour Fobia stream. Luckily that's why I was testing it. Finally figured out the issue though. Anyway Fobia seems fine, and has given me some solid spooks so far.


Gonna do a stream later today playing Fobia - St. Dinfna Hotel. Mainly just a test stream to make sure all my ps5 settings are good to go for doing my bday/extra life stream next month, but if you wanna watch go ahead! BUMP GOING LIVE SOON. Link below


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