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One thing I hate about the day after food poisoning is how sensitive my nose is right now. Everything just smells vaguely gross on the way to work today.


Goddamn it. I have what I'm pretty sure is a case of food poisoning. Been throwing up since 10 pm last night, though it stopped about 10 am-ish. Currently extremely difficult to get water and foods, and there's a pain in my chest this whole time.


Found out my work is looking to hire for an Inventory Analyst position. I'm going to apply because I think I'd be good at it and it definitely pays more. Boss even said I can email my resume for it directly to him! Wish me luck!


Today marks the first time I've used a laundromat. What are some recent first times you guys have had? Major or minor it doesn't matter.


Man, I can't wait for Remnant 2 to come out. That's a day 1 purchase for me. Especially since one of the new classes essentially has the Very Good Boy power built in!


Hi-fi Rush is definitely my goty so far. Been listening to the soundtrack non-stop! Anyone have a favorite moment so far? Also you can't say the whole game, while correct it's cheating. Also I guess spoiler warning for people just in case!


Guys. I think Hi-fi Rush might be my dream game.


Found this yesterday, bought it years ago when I was thinking of getting into figures but never built it. Decided to see if I can sell it. It's a bit dusty, but it's only been opened so I could look at all the pieces. Anyone interested? SOLD!!!


Honestly, I'm pretty excited to try Meet Your Maker.


Random thought. MCU stuff needing everything to be watched is similar to how comics tell you read certain issues to understand what they're talking about. So honestly comic book movies are getting even CLOSER to their source material!


Playing Resident Evil Village for the first time in 3rd person mode (previously watched a let's play), and it just feels ...correct. I'm fine with first person but I think I prefer my Resi's when I can see the character.


Ordered my new mattress today! It'll be about 2 weeks till it's ready, but in the meantime I can enjoy my new adjustable bed frame I ALSO got! Hopefully helps me with my sleep apnea.


My only complaint about the Return to Castlevania Dead Cells dlc is that it feels WEIRD not being able to break the candles. Other then that it's great!


Randomly went back to Hades this weekend, currently trying to beat a base run with each weapon type. Managed to do one this morning with the gun! That just leaves the sword now. Then I'll try getting the proper ending.


Life in a nutshell


Man I must be tired still, I meant to post the original post here as a reply/continuation to my previous post. So uhhhh.... instead I'll just say that I got my tax return and am looking forward to finally getting a new mattress!


Metroid Prime Remastered update, Best Buy has some more copies up for backorder in Canada. Managed to snag a copy. Hopefully THAT one gets here properly. "Luckily" with the buildings mailbox being busted we gotta puck up our mail at a canada post depot...


Stolen package update 3! So Best Buy is giving me a refund at least, but both them and FedEx are going to look into my package in the meantime. Hopefully that driver gets at least a stern talking to. I don't think I'm getting it back though.


Stolen package update! Contacted both FedEx and Best Buy, and got a case open with both of em. Also one thing I didn't mention last night, the mailbox itself is busted too! The whole front just swings open, managed to keep it from opening with a metal...


Someone goddamn stole my copy of Metroid Prime because the damn FedEx driver left it on TOP of the mailbox for my apartment that's at the ENTRYWAY. They are getting a call from a pissed off me tomorrow.


Man I have been missing out on some great modern cartoons apparently.


Aw man, The Forgotten City is crazy good. Super invested in this story. Update:BEAT IT! Also got the best ending! Was super good, gave me feels.


Aw shoot guys. I got caught on tape at work.


Nice. i was JUST thinking about getting a micro sd card for my steam deck!


Morning everybody. All that Russian game talk recently ended up reminding me that I still needed to beat Chernobylite so I'm back into that right now. Other then that I'm dealing with a cold from the weather, which has gone back to the -30C's. cont...


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