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I know I just got a PS5, but sometimes just lying down in a comfy bed is the best way to spend some time.




Finally got around to beating Remnant From the Ashes main final boss. Ended up having fun rerolling the campaign and adventure mode a few times and getting sweet stuff. Now for beating Subject 2923!


Newest chapter of Sakamoto Days has one of my fav fight scene panels so far. Will post in comments in case it's a spoiler for some of you.


Bleh, I think I need to put certain games on hold until I get new glasses. Some games are getting extremely annoying to focus on. Ah well.


Maaaan, I just wanna lie down and be lazy all day. Maybe I'll take a midday nap or something.


Also I bought decided to bite the bullet and buy that Hunt Showdown game since it was on sale. Going to try it out this weekend!


Welp that's another pair of jeans gone. Curse my sweaty inner thighs! Why must you wear down the crotch area and make holes happen!!??


Scored a future ps5! Friend of my roommate was looking to sell his and I'm going to have some extra cash in July and he's willing to wait for me! Huzzah!


When you want sweet pins for your bag but the shipping is like 30-50% of the base cost.


Oh man I'm going to chuck sooooo many goblins off of cliffs!


I played about an hour of Paradise Killer last night before bed an I'm already super into this weirdness. Time to see if I can find the truth!


Current status.


For my good buddy, and definitely not sworn rival, bong.


Work situation finale! He was actually let go yesterday. So that's that I guess.


Work news update! He's clearly been talking shit about me behind my back. But he also went home early because he wasn't feeling comfortable with the vibe or something. We'll see if he's in tomorrow.


Follow up about that work situation of mine from yesterday. We're working in seperate areas, but when I went to use the bathroom I heard him in the stall reporting me to (I assume) his temp agency. So THAT'S great for my mood.


Day sucked. Got into an argument with a new co-worker about how he said I wasn't doing enough and making him do all the work and all that. Mainly upset that if I was doing these things and didn't realize he should've said at the time so I could improve.


I need this shirt.


Hey guys, what's a good site for game themed shirts and/or face masks?


Happy friday guys! I'm exhausted from receiving big crates of drag links and cross tubes at work all week, but I'll be done with those today. Looking forward to playing more Nemesis at boardgame night tomorrow. Excited for the weekend?


Anybody seen my World's Smallest Violin? I got a song to play for these finance bros.


Current status; chilling at my parents this long weekend to look after my mom while my dad is at work. She just had foot surgery and needs someone to give her her meds and make food. Also watching Who's Line is it Anyway. Is good times. How are you guys?


Hey so if I took a large portable power source, attached it to a log then used that to break down your entrance.... Would that be a Battery Ram?


Note to self; Brushing teeth after eating mini wheats is THE WORST.


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