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Maaaaan, I don't want my long weekend to be over. But at least it was solid, I beat the main story in Dying Light 2 AND Amnesia The Bunker. Also started Pit People, which I got in the steam summer sale. But also I wish I slept more.


Hmmmm, do I get Trepang2 for my steam deck or wait for the PS5 release?


ACTUALLY HOLD ON! This might actually have my attention this weekend!


Psn has Plague Tale Requiem on sale so I'm going to get that this weekend instead of FF16. Loooooved the first one.


God I need caffeine this morning.


Made one of them cohosts this morning. Not sure how it works yet but I'll figure it out. I'll add links to other places I'm at to that page too. In the meantime I'll still be here till it dies as well.


Alright guys. Where we moving to?


Fiiiiiinally decided to start the Sunbreak expansion in Monster Hunter Rise. Was having trouble at first with my old main hammer, now I decided to switch to my other main weapon the Charge Blade and now I'm doing waaaay better!


In other news, I just spent the last our cleaning my tub/shower trying to get the mold out of the grout. How's your weekend so far?


Dtoid friends, what's a good free registry cleaner? I'm doing some MUCH belated spring cleaning on my 10 year old desktop.


Aw cool, I LOVE starting my day by seeing someone break into a store from my bus stop.


Guys guys! Don't you see!? Scat and Beatboxing are THE SAME THING!!!


Guys help! I've also been trapped in the alternate "other" dtoid dimension!


I'd like to thank slimey for spammi-I mean SHOWING us so many frog indie games. #Frogtoid


Listening to chill melancholy music while waiting in the rain is the greatest vibe.


Jesus Honkai Star Rail, you didn't have to go THIS hard with this boss fight track. Also I'd like to add that the whole situation this song was used in was the HYPEST SHIT! I can't wait for more moments like that!


Aww yeah, waifu get!


Can confirm, Amnesia The Bunker is super scary.


Oh I forgot to mention! Look what I got this weekend!


I reeeeally like how I got my Harrow Prime to look so I'm showing it off! (Side and back view in the comments)


Maaaaaan, why do I only clean my room when I have cold or flu?


Gunfire Reborn is pretty good y'all.


Man I am so sick this week. Luckily today I went to the doctor and he prescribed me a bunch of stuff. Now I'm going to go home and see if I have the energy to make something like rice with tuna. Anyway have a comic.


Carbot does it again!


If I had a quarter for everytime someone wanted to admit to me they were into BDSM because I wouldn't judge them for it, I'd have 2 quarters. Which isn't alot, but it's weird it's happened twice.


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