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Maaaaaan, I wish the Remnant 2 devs would give me a proper release besides "summer". I just wanna pre-order the dang thing already!


So because of my obsession of making the ENTIRE map visible before I properly explore them, let's just say me and TotK have a certain underground love/hate relationship atm. On the other hand I now have a full set of lightbulb armor.


Shield surfing is old hat. The cool kids do shield SKATEBOARDING now!


Can't wait for my 4 day weekend I took!


Hot damn, the new chainsaw man chapter is so freaking good.


Honkai Star Rail lets me eat trash. 10/10.


I feel like an idiot, I could have been getting extra exercise in by power walking at work (it's a big warehouse) this WHOLE TIME!


Someone posted a thing the other day about your favorite 7/10 games. I said I'd post mine later but I forgot so incase that person is curious it's Outward. Probably the best game I've played that makes you feels like an Adventurer (NOT hero).


Left side of my stomach felt a bit sore after exercising on Sunday. Was still there yesterday. Today I woke up and it feels noticeably more painful. Don't have any other symptoms, but if it keeps up I'm probably going to go get it checked out.


The MC's obsession with trash cans continues.


After some thought, I think I'm going to go on hiatus from dnd for awhile. With my ADHD I'm currently not giving it the focus amd attention it requires and that's not fair to my fellow players and DM. Hopefully I can figure out something for it later...


Way to get real Star Rail.


My healing problem has been temporarily solved!


Alright, so I have no idea what's going on in the plot after starting Honkai Star Rail. But the turn based combat is solid so far. I'm definitely curious about anime space adventures and even on low settings the game too great. New bus game is a gooooo!


Went to buy the Sunbreak expansion yesterday after not playing Rise for like 6 months. Turns out I had it already?? Anyway, immediately got my ass beat down by Daimo Hermitaur. Guess I'm super rusty, but my hammer will prevail yet!


Maaaaan, my depression was pretty bad the last 2 days. "Better" today, but still have that numb brain feeling where you aren't sure if you just don't care or wanna cry. Otherwise week has been good. I'll do a cliff notes version of neat stuff I did below.


Randomly started playing Fantasy Life again! Luckily the game is easy to jump back even after all these years, and I forgot the 3ds is the perfect size for the bus! Anyway time to become great at crafting everything.


FINALLY put some time in some of my grindy games today. Finished the main Sumeru quest line in Genshin Impact, and farmed a bunch in Warframe and I got some weapons to level and Mag Prime building. Productive chill day overall.


Actually you know what? If you guys are curious about Meet Your Maker, I'll stream it this long weekend! I'll do it on Saturday, and I'll bump with the time when I figure it out. Plus I'll make it an Extra Life stream too because why not?


Played a few hours of Meet Your Maker last night. I like it! Not something you should binge, not too much content yet. But it's perfect for after work. You come home, maybe try to raid a few player outposts, see if yours killed anyone. Super cathartic.


Fellow ADD/ADHD havers; Do you ever get or have gotten that thing where you want to do a task or something, but you mentally or physically lock up and then just... can't? Not procrastination like some people can think it is, but it's like...CONT. BELOW


Happy Monday! Countdown to long weekend begins now. Pic isn't related, but it IS relatable!


It's just a prank day bro!


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