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Me to my siblings: You know he put the blankets on by himself? #Caturday


I'm actually 5 corgis stacked on top of each other.


The big boss in the lava area is just astounding. The music, the setting, the design - all of it. Sometimes I analyze over every little detail. This is a boss encounter that I won't forget - pure art. Can't wait to see what else Elden Ring has.


Elden Ring Status: The only thing more shattered than the ring is my heart.


Gonna go get an iced coffee. Wish me luck.


Been a while since I've heard a mainstream pop song as catchy as this. Has that Summer feeling, too. #musictoid | Megan Thee Stallion, Dua Lipa - Sweetest Pie


Soooo I made an Elden Ring post the other day saying I glitched a dragon to death. Well, I jokingly told my friend to try what I did. And he was able to do it. Seems like it isn't just luck and can be reproducible. Oops 😬😬.


Monday is here. Let's start it off chill. A bit of a tropical charm here, too. #musictoid | Rammor - Falling Down


Killed a dragon blocking a bridge by glitching it into an infinite fall only for the game to say, "meh we'll give this one to ya". Easiest 80,000 runes of my life.


These guys kill it each time. Great song here. It's also featured on the Gran Turismo 7 OST - fits right in. #musictoid | Nothing But Thieves – Life’s Coming in Slow


This AEW PPV is a fun watch. Great matches from start to finish.


My Elden Ring cycle: Go to unexplored area; say 'I don't think I'm supposed to be here yet'; repeat phase 1 and 2; go back to OG area and push a lil further. Repeat all phases until boss is reached in OG area. Pic is totally related.


My legs and feet are hurting. I realized I was out and about for 12 hours and dancing for like a third of it. Good times yesterday. Was bueno.


Am drunk. Is bueno.


Am drunk. Is bueno.


How it feels like in Elden Ring before facing any new enemy:


The bassline here is sexy. Mesmerizing, groovy sounds and chill vibes. #musictoid | Tame Impala - The Boat I Row


Current status as I see Elden Ring twitter knowing I have to wait one more day.


Ohhhh, Elden Ring.


Current status


Such good vibes. Can't describe it any better than soothing and euphoric. I wanna hear this song live. #musictoid | LP Giobbi, HANA - Close Your Eyes


Hilarious. If you know, you know.


Me day one on Mario Strikers after waiting 15 years since the last one:


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