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2010-2015 was such a good era for Progressive House music. Somehow missed this banger from then. Gets the energy going. Damn, now I feel like going out. #musictoid | Lana Del Rey, Cedric Gervais - Young & Beautiful remix


For those that liked the 2000's pop-punk, emo-punk, and alt-rock in general: they're having a who's who to relive your younger years. Yes it's real. Yes it'll be a shit show.


Pleasantly surprised to hear them today on my playlist. Knew who it was once the vocals began. Diggin this. #musictoid | Muse - WON'T STAND DOWN


Me realizing Microsoft could revive the underrated game Singularity.


Slow mellow pop song for the weekend. This dude has a unique look and vibe that radiates into his songs. #musictoid | Oliver Tree - Cowboys Don't Cry


Woke up 45 minutes late for remote work. Takin my time still. Current status:


Chortled at this one.


Basically me all day trying to recover. #Caturday


Happy new year. See ya'll next year!


Neat little guy. After pic in comments.


New Spiderman movie is sooo good. If you grew up with the 90's animated Spiderman, it carries the same seriousness, comedy, and tone. It's executed so well and it's what I've wanted out of the superhero film genre for a while. 5 out of 5 buenos from me.


Help!!! There's an office party and I've had too much rice and carbs and feel like I'm about to blowwwww. Current status:


Got boosted. 5G tethering now available. Sick bruh 🤙


Am drunk. Is bueno.


Mucho drunk. Mucho bueno.


Am drunk. Is bueno.


It's so freakin beautiful.


Requested this at the wedding. Of course my people were hyped and came out to dance. Looked it up again today; turns out the OG singer is BACK after 20 years! (link in comments for recent show) #musictoid | Alice Deejay - Better Off Alone


Am drunk. Is bueno.


Went to a wedding. Was drunk. Was bueno. Off to a concert and be bueno again. Current status:


The flow of this song is soooo well done and makes this already refreshing soulful tune even better - the beginning captivates with the violin and it definitely hooked me. #musictoid | Gabriels - Stranger


I really like music.


Am drunk is bueno.


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