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Look how they massacred my boy! #Caturday


Love that I'm hearing Running up that hill on my top 40 station. Do it to more songs please.


Some upbeat and funky house tunes here. Sometimes you just need a song that gets you moving and nothing else. Fantastic dance track. #musictoid | Crazibiza - Soul Cool


At a family party. Hate these since it's a bunch of random people from all sides. And it's all mostly kids. Is no bueno.


He actually pulls the covers himself. *not really but he's still cute. #Caturday


I'll automatically think you're hiding something if you wear a bowtie other than the color black.


Gonna get an iced coffee. Wish me luck.


They're raising the price of the Quest 2. If you haven't gotten one yet, its not a bad VR headset to get into the space for the current price. The next gen headsets are gonna be cool too tho so pick your poison.


Saw the new John Wick 4 teaser. Holy moly am I hyped again.


Great song. Great video. Great energy. Didn't know they've been around for a while. Keeping my eye out for more. #musictoid | Bloc Party - Traps


Current remote work status:


Am drunk. Is bueno?


Am drunk. At a bar. Cover band is actually good. Is bueno.


The most hype house track of 2022. You can feel the acapella start builds to something big. Love the energy behind this. What a banger. #musictoid | Fred again.., Four Tet, Elley Duhé - Jungle


My sweet oranges laced hawaiian shirt shrunk 😢. Why is life so cruel.


Edm event was advertised for every Saturday at this local place but only on the EDM page and not the official page for this place. That was my first flag. Went and turns out it sucked. They canceled after the first weekend lol - wrong crowd for dubstep.


Three super silky smooth songs rolled into one short film. Each vignette/song is ~2 minutes. Moody ambient vibes and good melodies here. #musictoid | Isabel LaRosa - i'm watching you EP


Did a short core exercise yesterday. I just sneezed and my belly felt like it was crying 👍.


Garage rock done right. The ending crescendo is superb. #musictoid | Yot Club - "down bad"


Seems like my friend's nights out drinking are winding down, while mine are just starting. I've always done my own thing and looks like this'll be no different...for the most part. 🤷‍♂️ Gonna be a fun and interesting summer.


Current status:


Really smooth vibes here. The piano chords give it a nice touch. Late-night driving jam. #musictoid | COIN - Killing Me


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