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When I say I like mostly all music: I absolutely do! I go where my ears take me, not to just search out new stuff, but that's where it sometimes takes me. Lots of good stuff out there.


The most captivating documentary I've seen, and I generally don't like them. Informative while also telling a fantastic story. All on four Disney Channel notes.


Am drink. Is bueno.


Went to the AEW PPV. Not drunk, but was still very bueno. They always knock it out of the park on PPVs, give or take a match or so.


Warzone is fun. Modern warfare 2 is fun. I feel like this year's CoD is the best yet. And it feels like the CoD 4 days when I'm playing with friends. Even matchmaking Feels a bit more 'balanced.


Seeing mostly positive stuff on my twitter timeline regarding elections. For those that voted, kudos to you.


Am drunk. is bueno. Yeeeeeeee


Stayed up for the MW2 multiplayer release. Felt like the ol days of staying up late with a bud for a game release. Fun times. Is bueno.


Nailed it. From start to finish.


I can finally do one of these: What's in the box?


AEW has some great 'characters' and storylines most times. MJF knocks it out of the park like 99% of the time, this being one of them. Wrestling is basically anime and when its good, its good.


In the office. One is talking politics to another. I admire his interest but man... Save it for the water cooler.


Definitely has the OG blink-182 spirit. Happy for them and their fans. They make pretty good music together. #musictoid | blink-182 - EDGING


Apparently Hunter x Hunter is getting new chapters out. Which is exciting for manga and anime peeps.


Mario movie was leaked decades ago


If you liked the OG Naruto anime, then you'll appreciate this. Nostalgia hit me hard, from the events used, to the music. And the updated visuals are top-tier eye candy.


Wanted to try NVIDIA's object creation tool, but then I realized I don't have 8 high end GPUs. Oh well... *update: now w/ the right link :)


Lots of AI stuff seen this past year. Now Tesla wants to put robot helpers into homes. I feel like these next few years is when tech leaps forward by huge margins.


Don't foget to get a pack of refreshing smore sodas to go along with your favorite bread 😬


Iced coffee is a personality trait, right?


Love the vibe. Soothing to the soul. #musictoid | Nilüfer Yanya - midnight sun


Can't explain it. I legitimately like CoD for its pick and play fun. But then I'll play it too much and never touch it again. But now I'm hyped for modern warfare 2? Geez.


Humming the 90s xmen theme in my head throughout the day: du nuh nuh nuh nah nah nah


Been pumping iron consistently for a good few months now. Never realized how scrawny my arms really were. Feels bueno seeing the results 💪


Appreciate the concern! To clarify my bueno post: Drunk part was early in the day. Night time was sing/dance time. And my friend put the pin on the WRONG street so I was lead wrong by two drunks lol. Cant fit everything in 255 characters goshdarnit!


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