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The most important video of the year is already here.


That was a messed up thing to do and I'm sorry.


Gonna have to empty my apartment to make room for my GIANT BRAIN!


Castlevania but the final boss is Winnie the Pooh and you play as Bambi.


I had the craziest dream last night! There was this place called 'the ocean', and it was just a fucking ass-ton of undrinkable water that covered most of the planet. I'm glad we live in a normal world without any wacky shit like that in it.


I watched Knives Out yesterday, only to discover that it was NOT the movie about people hunting each other through a mansion that I saw a trailer for a couple of years ago. Still managed to enjoy it despite confusing myself.


, you filthy animals!


The Last Guardian


"And then he finally fucked the Oscars. The end." *closes book*


ponder deez nuts


Nobody was surprised.


"Could be one of them midget slave houses I've been hearing so much about."


I wanted to keep this going and see how many video game quotes you guys could recognise, but it's too hard to think of ones that aren't either obvious or nearly impossible.


I'm gonna hire Lorena to market my next book.


And that's how CJ became JC.


Kyle Hilliard accidentally became the best Elden Ring player.


Every Youtube comment section has one of these.


This might be the most relatable video he has made so far. I was just as easy to scare as a kid, but I still had that same morbid curiosity.


Those GTA games were already some of the ugliest of their generation (which is understandable), and the new effects make them look even worse. I'm pretty sure they all qualify as horror games now.


if a metroid bites you, you have to pee on the wound


I just have to finish this first, shitty draft before I can start making the story better. Why does that part have to be so hard?


Why the hell haven't they made a new Lego Racers? They could add in all these different licenses, breakable cars and shit. Siri, add an image of the box art for the first game so they'll notice my post.


Superior Primate Testicle: Fruit-Induced Behavioral Disorder


The rain was coming down like all the angels in heaven had decided to take a piss at the same time.


You call this tenderloin? If you served that in any respectable hotel in New York, they'd laugh you out of town!


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