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Kyle Hilliard accidentally became the best Elden Ring player.


Every Youtube comment section has one of these.


This might be the most relatable video he has made so far. I was just as easy to scare as a kid, but I still had that same morbid curiosity.


Those GTA games were already some of the ugliest of their generation (which is understandable), and the new effects make them look even worse. I'm pretty sure they all qualify as horror games now.


if a metroid bites you, you have to pee on the wound


I just have to finish this first, shitty draft before I can start making the story better. Why does that part have to be so hard?


Why the hell haven't they made a new Lego Racers? They could add in all these different licenses, breakable cars and shit. Siri, add an image of the box art for the first game so they'll notice my post.


Superior Primate Testicle: Fruit-Induced Behavioral Disorder


The rain was coming down like all the angels in heaven had decided to take a piss at the same time.


You call this tenderloin? If you served that in any respectable hotel in New York, they'd laugh you out of town!


This is no place for a horse.


Mfw someone asks if I'm a calm and reasonable person.


we didn't see Thor's face even though it's literally his day smh


Alan Quake Remastered


I finally put out my blog on Hitman 3, the game that took the trilogy in a more story-heavy direction (except not really at all).


The new Spider--Man movie better have Spider-Ham in it.


I only know about OnlyFans because of the nudity. I thought it was designed from the ground up to be a place where famous people posted pictures of their buttholes.


The world needs an answer!


Have you ever looked something up thinking it was a real product, only to realise it's from a movie or show? I did that with "ribwich" earlier this year.


What do you mean Raymond Cruz is 60 years old!!!!????????


I think they should remake fewer games from 2008 and more games from 1998.


And you call them Steam Decks despite the fact that they're obviously grilled?


I'm so proud of this joke that I'm reposting it here.


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