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Real Serial Killer Reacts To Iconic Serial Killer Movie Scenes


Post-vaccine #selfietoid, just to check that I haven't turned green or purple yet.




Please destroy them, Italy.


My first take on a logo for the dark pirate fantasy story I'm working on. I've been putting it off for too long because of how good I want it to be, but my current goal is to at least get a first draft done, and then take it from there.


The madman did it!


The highlight of E3 for me was definitely this new BioShock announcement trailer:


I could go for a slice of Metroid Bread.


Finally put out my blog on Hitman 2, the funniest and most confident game in the World of Assassination trilogy.


Ryan George personally attacked me.


Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart - All Sex Scenes (42:12)


Why is Zero Punctuation on the front page now? I must have missed something.


Turns out I can actually do this.


I've been watching The Sopranos for the first time, and today I got to the fourth episode of season 3. I need ten million drinks.


I'm working on a short story that I'm pretty excited about. It's supposed to be the introduction to a dark fantasy world, and the angle is a little strange in a way I find fun.


Put up the first of my Hitman trilogy blogs. Turns out there's too much going on in these games for me to condense all of my thoughts into one blog, so I've had to make my own trilogy.


Hey @Dr Mel, guess what!?


Nothing makes me value the current state of the internet more than thinking back to the days when being a cynical asshole was the norm everywhere. It's gotten a lot better since 2008.


♫ He took my arm ♪ I don't know how it happened ♫


Mine's just this:


Everyone born before June 15th 2007 is older than Dirt.


Hey! All o' ya! C'mere! Stay here! Do it! HELP! KILL 'EM! Bwahahahaha!


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