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“How do you make stealth interesting?” No, not through Batman-vision and an abundance of powers. Let players interpret their own surroundings thru rich sound design and lighting. Modern games could benefit immensely from these underutilized foundation


Lightly toasted take: Skyward Sword motion controls > button controls. Change my diaper.


Hey Mario Golf is out. Anyone picking it up? Where are my B-tier Nintendo heads at?


Wrote some words on Cruelty Squad, a game I think deserves more attention. Felt inclined to spill my guts over it in honor of the 1.0 release. I don't see a lot of coverage elsewhere. Consider giving it a read if you wish to be eternally cursed.


No more moaning about E3, effective immediately.


It’s official. Beloved/accursed immersive power fantasy and consumer software product CRUELTY SQUAD leaves early access on June 16th. This means dtoid MUST review it according to section 1626829 of internet law.


PS5 loves crashing in rest mode. Just absolutely shitting the bed every time it’s put to sleep. Imagine having to wash the sheets every morning because your partner constantly wakes up smothered in hot wet brown—that’s ok! We love him anyway!


WOW, the second area of RE Village kicks into pure nightmare overdrive and it has given me an incredible late night spook. With the first area being a classic RE “mansion,” the pacing is starting to feel like an anthology in the best possible way.


OK, I’ve seen enough. Crash 4 stinks. That’s my review from a longtime fan of the original trilogy. Piss unrelated.


Updated my copy of MGS4 amid the PS3 server debacle. I haven’t played this game since 2008 on my now bricked PS3-fat. Crazy to think how photorealistic this screen was at the time. Remember kids, smoking is cool as shit.


Pain. Guess I’ll keep busy with Crash 4 and Demon’s Holes. Have a good weekend, hunters.


What if Agent 47 was an exploited gig-worker tasked with killing new-money "biocurrency" speculators on a sovereign cruise ship littered with monstrous inhuman sex slaves? CRUELTY SQUAD is a tactical fps with an axe to grind and it is a depraved joy.


Support Cruelty Squad on Steam, the nightmarish and visually abrasive organ-harvesting fps about how capitalism sucks. David Jaffe hates it!


Picked up Anodyne 2 on Switch. This game is a...vibe? It has good chill music and low-poly 3D exploration. Then you go into other characters’ mind-palaces to do 16-bit topdown puzzle dungeons. Not sure what to make of it yet, but it’s cozy.


Happy to report that I am now a proud member of the “guy who unnecessarily owns two switches” club. It’s just me. I’m the club.


Now on Steam: HROT, Episode 1. Survive a brown Soviet hellscape while doing DUSK shit. This is another one of those Quake-like "boomer shooters" that are having a moment, and it's probably my favorite scene in gaming at the moment. Highly recommend.


Wrestling Empire rules. I haven’t been hooked on a wrestling game like this since the mid-2000s.


More and more people are recognizing the beauty and excellence of Death Stranding, a game once written off as shallow and pretentious in a wave of snap reactions upon release.


Not usually into these survival/crafting games, but some friends and I picked up The Forest in the steam sale and we’re going absolutely wild on it. Super addictive game, looks gorgeous, and has been providing a lot of laughs these past few nights.


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