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If anyone plans on getting mad at Nintendo today, you’ll have to get through me first.


I am lucky to own a hard copy of Zero Mission but unfortunately have to resort to the Wii U to play Fusion. Haven’t picked up this gamepad in a while — it still feels great in hand. Chunky ergonomic plastic, mushy dpad, huge buttons. Love it!


The logic checks out 📠 Give me the dazzling lighting effects of Far Cry 6 over yet another boring, flat, 2D Metroid 🤮


Having a BLAST with Dread, Nintendo and MercurySteam have hit it out of the park! One minor complaint. It’s Metroid. He can’t crawl and now I’m stuck :/ Plus some douchebag named Adam I dunno who he is but I’d like to punch him right in the fuckin


Just found out you can ride a skateboard in Lost Judgment, which is pretty much all I needed to hear.


Feeling preypilled. Might fuckaround and morph into a coffee mug.


Death Stranding about to be GOTY for the third year in a row. The haters will say it’s impossible.


In one week a new Arkane game will be overlooked and largely ignored. Hype!!


My lord, NMH3 comes out the gate swinging for the fucking fences.


some of y’all could learn a thing or two about giving respect to a legend


“How do you make stealth interesting?” No, not through Batman-vision and an abundance of powers. Let players interpret their own surroundings thru rich sound design and lighting. Modern games could benefit immensely from these underutilized foundation


Lightly toasted take: Skyward Sword motion controls > button controls. Change my diaper.


Hey Mario Golf is out. Anyone picking it up? Where are my B-tier Nintendo heads at?


Wrote some words on Cruelty Squad, a game I think deserves more attention. Felt inclined to spill my guts over it in honor of the 1.0 release. I don't see a lot of coverage elsewhere. Consider giving it a read if you wish to be eternally cursed.


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