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Been watching the Seinfeld AI hell simulation last few days and it’s really the most productive application of machine learning I’ve seen thus far. A fascinating little diorama that will slowly nurture itself into overtaking our reality, with any luck


Dead Space was ridiculously ahead of its time. The chunky limb cutting combat and fully in-world HUD stood out in 2008 and not many games have borrowed these elements since, making them still feel novel today. Huge props to original team at Visceral.


Wife caught me jaggin to AI-generated SlimeyToids with state of the art next-gen jiggle physics. She is sitting next to me with tears streaming down her face as I type out this humiliating public acknowledgment. Huge L.


Beat GTA IV, moving onto OG Dead Space on the ol dirty dungledeck. In This House it's 2008 again. There is peace here. Hope is on the horizon. And the real estate market is absolutely looking normal and Beautiful.


I am hereby retiring from posting. To those who enjoy my Self, fear not. This persona will be replaced by an AI-generated MetaToid™ modeled on 500000 hours of Dungleposting activity. Investors are expecting a 900% engagement level increase by 2026. Bye!


I don't normally get political on here, but it's time to take a stand. For personal and racist reasons, I will no longer be jacking off to the Green M&M. By adhering to this spiritual consumption choice I will soon ascend into an ultimavirtuous protodeity


In GTA IV you can take a friend out to see Ricky Gervais do comedy, the camera explicitly cuts to both of you not laughing and then you proceed to drive home silently. It's the little details that make this game.


In market news, 96% of workers across the world have been laid off and sentenced to death in what industry analysts are dubbing the "Goldilocks" soft-landing method. I'm Chunk Dungle, this has been the Dungle Tip.


Everyone has that one friend who never left the hometown and will text you shit like "remember this girl we never talked to in high school, she had 2 kids and looks like this now." No dude I really don't. We mostly ate cheez-itz and played Gears of War


This is a nice sitdown between Gloomwood dev Dillon Rogers and noclip’s Danny O’irishman.


Saw Avatar 2 a second time last night with two friends who hadn't seen it. One of them drank 5 beers and fell asleep in the first act, the other took edibles and entered a spiritual communion with Eywa. Which way, Western Man?


Great news for my landlord!! The rent is being jacked up by $1000 and the homunculus currently occupying his property will be forced to vacate in time for a dubious renovation process! Super excited to be apart of this bold investment opportunity🙏


That person in your life who is a giant piece of shit you can’t stand? Check in on them. Nurture them. Love them. #Dungletips


To clear up any lingering confusion, Death Stranding is a "rope" style game about delivery. Please factor that into your prior evaluation. Thank you.


I almost never refund Steam games, but every once in a while I download a Switch game only to realize "fuck, shouldn'ta bought that." Nintendo behind the times as usual. But man, I wish someone would suck off or bribe an EU regulator for this already.


Dungleman’s Favos 2022, from memory: Elden Ring. Sniper Elite 5. Stay Out of the House. Rollerdrome. Northern Journey (2021). Ctrl Alt Ego. Cultic. Nightmare of Decay. OlliOlli World. Powerslave Exhumed. Listed by order of mental precedence 🧠


Prolific director found dead in his sleep six days after screening his final picture, which happened to depict a ritualistic sex cult operating in the highest echelons of society. Sounds like it would make a pretty good Hitman level, what do you think?


Had a good time on Steam this year 👍


Very special GOTY-season shoutout to Sniper Elite 5, the AA Hitman clone with melon popping characteristics. The PvP sniper invasion mechanic really made this game sing.


It has come to my attention that everyone fucking hates me. This is great news. It means I am deep state enemy number 1. Together we can defeat them for the low low price of $5.99 /mo.


“Where does Hideo Kojima get his ideas? In this podcast, we take a deep dive into his brain and shed light onto his creative process…” Kojima: I love Nope. To me, it is more like Yes 👍


3 games to scratch 3 very different itches. OlliOlli World is my #1 at >55 hours, what a sleeper that game is. Nintendo! This is the lowest effort year-end wrap I've seen. Glad to know I'm not the only one phoning it in at work this holiday season.


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