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Hotline Miami and audio-visual trickery

I recently finished Hotline Miami, I�m going to assume you know about it so I�ll save some space and not explain it. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed it, I�m usually against unnecessary violence in games (probably because I�m not tech...


Sword & Sworcery and the death of adventure games

I've had a rocky history with adventure games, I really want to like them, but I just can't. The only adventure game I've ever loved has been Botanicula and I've already written about that I bought Sword & Sworcery last year because I had ...


Botanicula - some short thoughts

Another year, another Steam Winter Sale. Having spent far too much in the autumn sale I decided to give this one a miss. I failed, obviously, and Botanicula, a point�n�click adventure game by Animata (Machinarium creators) was the casualt...


Braid: shoots for the stars, but misses

SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS If you have not played Braid then leave now, go outside, read a book. Ok, they�ve gone. Right. Braid is awesome, but you already knew that. The flawless if slightly impossible puzzles; the beautiful art and s...


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