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Well, this was just delightful.


In order to continue satiating my Elden Ring addiction (during de-stressor breaks), I've been seeking out others playing it and watching. Got Game Grumps and Northernlion on the reg. Anyone you're watching?


Just hit the Leyndell Royal Capital and my explorer boner is fucking raging~ Incredible world design here.


Fappy Burpday, grandmama Occams! Hope it was a fabulous one.


iDubbbz voice: "Hey, that's pretty good!"


So glad I decided to respec into a battlemage. And I'm rocking the Fashion Souls runway!


In playing Diablo III again, I'm surprised how well the visuals have aged. Will the recent D2 and upcoming D4 age not so gracefully? D3's style choice shines, even 10 years on.


I know this sounds practically like sacrilege, but I'm replaying Super Meat Boy and playing Super Meat Boy Forever for the first time atm and... I'm enjoying the latter considerably more.


So, the moms surprised me with a Switch OLED because apparently I talked about it enough for her to get the picture that I want the blacks of Mario's pupils to really pop! Might impregnate it later. Back to Dead Cells, Meat Boy, Space Dave and Diablo 3~


Time for some post-Elden Ring stress relief!


I really, really like Elden Ring, but sometimes it goes too far with enemy grouping. Royal Revenant + those undead horsemen? Good fucking luck. Not one, but TWO Tree Sentinels!?


On the real, though. You guys are fantastic to be around. The dog doesn't understand the appeal, but I do. Love, love~ #selfietoid


I love you. Say it back.


Between Elden Ring, Tunic, going back through Dead Cells with a new profile AND occasionally dipping into Downwell, I'm just an absolute glutton for punishment! Image unrelated.


Just respec’d into a battlemage in Elden Ring and… am I missing something? My sorceries/incantations are doing close to no damage and feel as though they have very limited utility. Still doing plenty of damage with my Carian Knight Sword, though.


So, between the Carian Knight Sword, Crystal Sword and now having just obtained the Sword of Night and Flame... I might need to respect into a battlemage sort of dealy.


Just made it to The Eternal City, Nokron.


Happy 6.9 million views to Line Goes Up! Late stage capitalism can suck on every single dick. Even the ones that are, like, nasty. And not even in the sexy way.


I'm literally keeping a checklist of bosses I've defeated in Elden Ring. For the sake of my fragile ego, of course. Kind of like a shitlist, but for losers. (comments)


Every night > ["Boy, Elden Ring is stressful. 80-100+ hours in might mean it's time for a break."] Every morning > ["Can't wait to play more Elden Ring!"]


I can finally wield a thing in Elden Ring (spoiler probably; comments).


Been away from this lovable dump we call qtoid for a while (mostly FP'ing it). Been in a "so fucking hard to be normal" sort of mood. At least it hasn't kept me from Elden Ring! Big, meaty thanks to Gigatism for helping out during this hectic number!


Good puppy.


Hmmmm. Well, at least it's on Game Pass! Shame, though. Devolver usually knows how to pick 'em.


"We heard nobody truly needed any further content after so many free updates and paid expansions, so here's another free update!"


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