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Man. I've really gotta play all those 3D platformers of late. Lunistice, Kao the Kangaroo (reboot), the Pac-World remaster, etc.


Why did I just watch 2+ hours of the history of a franchise I've never played and likely will never play because of my disinterest in tower defense?


If all goes according to plan, we'll be getting both Starfield and Tears of the Kingdom within about a month of each other. That's pretty rad! Image unrelated.


If anyone wants a Steam key for DOOM: Eternal, I gotcha covered in the comments! (UPDATE: More might be added later. Wasteland 3 also inside!)


First tenner since the SAP content influx (and on just my second attempt) les gooooooooo~


My sleeping son.


Just sitting here, waiting for some meds to kick in, mortgaging my future. About to play some more Destiny 2 and Dead Estate. Pretty zen. Image unrelated.


So, after one week (7 days) of ER/hospital + being back home and taking it easy on what I eat/drink to help my ulcer heal... I've lost 15 pounds! Talk about a happy little accident. I think I'll keep this diet and start exercising once I'm 100%.


9 wins on my first run at the new SAP content influx les goooooo


I just lost all my Chrome tabs. One of the most conflicting feelings I've ever had.


Re-discovered this jam via an audio plug-in for the Deck. Now plays in the background! Odd that I don't remember a lot of the OST to Cave Story, I just know it was excellent.


So... I'm back from having been at the ER/hospital for the past three nights! (comments)


The one game from this year that I played should be GOTY, I've decided.


♫ oh shit here he come. watch dat boi, he'll meme you up. oh shit waddup. here come dat boi~! ♫


That time Ben Shapiro stared, longingly, at a femboy cat maid. #Darksiders4


Hacked the mainframe and got the Epic Games Launcher for my Deck! Any other neat QoL tricks? Also have the vibrantDeck and Audio Loader plug-ins.


In no particular order, here are the 10 best games I played this past year! Had I stopped with my impressions of SAP back in January, there were other options. But, months of watching Northernlion play it inspired me to give it a second go!


Curious why Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap is held in such high regard. Feels minimalist, but to an extreme fault. Combat VERY quickly becomes trivial, yet they force it upon you thanks to various balance tweaks and to the point of frustration.


As if I needed more reasons to hate myself, but whatever.


I think Super Auto Pets will perpetually be on these lists moving forward.


Exhausted! Current Stash-tus:


A stroke of genius by your’s truly. Way more fun to consume this way! Now… to eat or huff?


Pleaded for an early Christmas unwrapping, as per, and I got a banger. A(nother) plushie of my favorite animal that lights up! Thanks, mumsy! (video in comments)


After some hurdles in trying to internally filter and consolidate the overload of activities, vendors, currencies and quest logs, I'm officially on the Destiny 2 train. I even bought a premium speedy-zoom vehicumalar (don't hate).


I'm just gonna cuddle with my plushies whilst I watch YT and then bake cookies in Destiny 2 for Lance Reddick. Good day.


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