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When Neo, in The Matrix Resurrections, was like "Yeah, I'm thinking I'm back... in the Matrix!", hoo boy that was iconic.


Would anyone be interested in an original run Switch for 75 buckerinos? (BUMP: Posted a list of games I'm looking to sell as well.)


Not sure if a Zelda image I found is too NSFW or not. So, drop into the comments if you're brave enough.


This is what started me on my noughties metal tangent a few days ago. One part Godsmack, another Slipknot, yet another little monster. Reminded me how much I used to love Lady Gaga.


What a find! Went scrounging around in our garage and found some old Spider-Man comics. The middle one is from 1979! Woo~


My Link OC, Demon Prince Link. He is a twink. A demon twink. I call him Dwink. Do not steal or he will come to you in your sleep and sit on your chest and you would really hate that, right?


Got the new computer (tower) put up where it’s likely to go (next to my old monitor)! Don’t laugh, but I’m planning on getting Geek Squad to do some basic setup and troubleshooting instead of fucking something up myself and severely losing my cool.


Am 8+ hours into Halls of Torment (Vampire Survivors + Diablo) and am really loving it. It captures the cheese of early 3D PC games so incredibly well. This clearly took far more talent than applying a lo-fi filter in Unity.


I went through an experimental phase with Delta-8 gummies some months back here, but its now become a regular part of my day. 25mg, 2-3 times a day and it does wonders for my anxiety. They make it a little easier coping as a queer living in Texas.




I'm definitely doing a "Photo Mode" blog for TotK (despite the camera's limitations) as I'm becoming proud of some of these shots. A slightly more spoilery screen in the comments.


Looks like I can finally afford a new PC! Will post what I'm looking at in the comments and am curious what you all think as I'm a layman when it comes to PC specs. Image unrelated.


I just ordered this t-shirt. AMA.


Even though it'll never happen, I'd love to see Duke Nukem revived in keeping with Gianni's memery of the character. Duke can still be hedonistic whilst being an ally, right? Nothing more manly than two men in a burly embrace, right?


Happy Pride to my fellow freaks! Stay safe, though. Like, really. Seriously. We're due for something (else) pretty terrible to happen at one of these events, given the current political climate. So very much looking forward to that.


Currently on a noughties metal tangent and only just now am realizing how much the singer from Seether (at times; on this track in particular) sounds like Kurt Cobain. I can't be the only one?


Wake up honey, new hit Vampire Survivors clone just dropped and its Diablo-inspired ass smartly dropped just before Diablo 4. I'll be eating good with this one and HROT tomorrow as I've been needing breaks from TotK.


Gotta admit... I fucking loathe Trumpish politics and AI fucking terrifies me, but I don't care what other liberals/progressives think: This is pretty damn funny.


FINALLY beat one of the dungeons (fire temple or w/e) at 60+ hours in! Felt like I was meandering much of the time as trying to explore only led to confusion. Needed better guidance. Maybe it's just me, though. Okay boss. Game is still a 10/10 otherwise.


Current test post status


This is my first exposure to "Quixort" and I can't get over how clever a game it is. It's basically Tetris + pop culture/math questions, but you need to see it play out to truly understand it. I can't elevator pitch this one too well.


You hear of Fashion Souls? Well, I wanna see your Drip of the Kingdom!


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