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So, my state AG, Ken Paxton, said that if the SCOTUS revisted Lawrence V Texas, he would uphold our state's currently unenforced anti-sodomy law (yes, it's still technically in the books). Good and great.


Fuck yuur! The Switch ports of Portal 1 and 2 have gyro-aiming (and 60fps, but that's a low ball even for this console)! Time to beat Portal 2 for the third time and Portal 1 for the eleventy-billionith time.


Doing a little Destructoid re-meme-brance. I think most of us know "also cocks", "BANED" and "better than A Link Between Worlds", but what are some that have been underutilized in their waning years? Hard Mode: No Podtoid stuff. Okay, maybe one.


1.) I'm not even halfway through and... this game NEEDS to be experienced. It's compared to David Lynch by these dudes and, yeah, I see it. 2.) Game Grumps fans will like the banter, even if all four of 'em in the beginning is a lot to take in.


Caught the momz watching Morbius. It's, indeed, Morbin' time.


Saw this randomly recommended and I think fans of The Internet Historian will enjoy it. His narration and editing style... it's un-goddamn-canny. He also uploads about as often.


Tried getting into Project Zomboid and woooooooof is that a tough game to get into. Rolled Survivor Mode a few times and constantly felt as if I was getting myself locked in a neverending cycle of trigger zombie > run away > trigger zombie > etc.


Good Vibes Gaming are currently doing a charity stream, playing TMNT, for women's rights. People in chat are arguing... about their favorite pizza toppings. To drown out the nasties. I love it. [BUMP: 6.2K raised!]


On a lighter note, I've had this guy recommended through the YT algorithm often enough that I took the plunge and... he's absolutely adorable. I love him!


"More to come later in 2022 and beyond!" Motion Twin. Evil Empire. Blink twice if you're being held at gunpoint to continue updating this game in perpetuity.


Also, I have a new blog out! It's a very late quarterly update where I throw opinions at your face for a few minutes! Enjoy? Link in the comments. (EDIT: FINAL FUCKING FUM- er BUMP!)


Not sure how I feel about the second half of the song as a whole, but holy schnikes they made the drums sound so good here. Better than the original. For the record, this dude is a professional mixer and has remastered other classics. (comments)


Since some didn't like the subject matter of the last Leon Lush video I posted, here ya go! Like I said before, though, he's 100% like if Phil were a YouTuber. The crude humor, he's straight facts when he gets serious... he even drops a "deez nuts"!


Northernlion's giving some love to 20 Minutes Till Dawn! A perfect excuse to re-up the shameless promotion of my latest addiction.


Okay, Dtoid. It's big news time - 20 Minutes Till Dawn, the twin-stick Vampire Survivors clone, has launched into Early Access at just 3 dollars! There's a free demo (that I put 12+ hours into), but its a sweet deal where it's at. Grab it. Fondle it!


On the topic of the Limited Run TMNT announcement, here's me with the actress who played April O' Neil in the original live action TMNT from the 90's (just before I lost the last of my baby fat and got cute; yes, that's me as Teddie lol).


Honey, wake up! New Scott the Woz just dropped!


I want to go home... (Elden Ring spoilers in the comments)


Sometimes, my self-imposed challenges for Souls games can ruin my enjoyment for a time. But, I'm happy that I at least was able to complete one where I tasked myself to endurance run those 4 Royal Revenants at the bottom of the Haligtree grounds. Intense.


It's the new dance that's sweeping the nation!


A couple said they liked seeing my drip in Elden Ring. Well, guess what? I rolled back into my dex build after my genius plan to dominate in the late-game and into New Game+. Details in the comments!


Noticing that the Belle Boomerang review isn't on the FP any longer. Retracted for some reason?


The motherfucker that looks like Beast Man with the greatsword? Sometimes, I don't know what the game wants from me. I dodge back, I get hit by the 2nd strike. I dodge forward or diagonally forward, hit by the 3rd. And the random attack delays. Pleeeease.


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