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wow more like Woke Space


And there you have it. 200+ hours of auto-battling pets. Super! From a middling impression after less than 2 hours to what has become a near daily obsession.


This had me so incredibly giddy and giggly. I needed that.


No! Jon Cartwright is far too aware of his excellent narration skills! HE CAN'T KEEP GETTING AWAY WITH THIS!!!


Say hello, Corpsy! > "...."


I'm calling out the lurkers. Y'all out there?


Hearing New Hope-era Obi-Wan talk about meatsabers and without a hint of AI interference was scary... but, mostly hilarious.


Were I still more proactive with keeping up with my YT channel, I'd try to turn these into quirky YT Shorts. But, that's not me atm. So, find a couple funny trims of Dead Space gameplay within the comments! Image unrelated.


Almost feels pleasantly quaint to have no pictures to scroll through constantly. Anyway, here's a YouTube embed to offend your eyes!


Best Bruce Wayne - Michael Keaton. Best Batman - WHERE WERE THE OTHER DRUGS GOING Batman. Discuss.


TW: Steamy, scarily sexy vore action in the comments...


Went down a couple musical rabbit holes yesterday. One, when I found a song by Bob Welch thanks to a Google search of lyrics and found he was a former Fleetwood Mac member. FM's (far more unknown) version of Sentimental Lady is so much better! (comments)


Had three teeth pulled. Was an emergency situation, considering the pain. Luckily, my dentistry fit me in the next day. The antiseptic I got should last a couple days, thankfully. Got nitrous gas, too. Man, wish I had some of that at home!


let's fucking goooooooooooo~


Back to working on my music, finally! Have almost finished another track for my Original Game Soundtrack project, but need some advice on what context to surround it with. Is it more a dungeon track? Vendor track? What? Link in the comments. [FINAL BUMP]


Hi-Fi Rush might be the best shadowdrop of all these Direct-like presentations. Haven't played it yet, but boy it's got The Look.


The Steam Deck is quite the impressive bit of tech, ain't it?


Just have to tell myself that I have the luxury of having all I need to make it through this dark phase of my life. The appointments made, the money and the distractions. I just need to utilize them instead of moping around. I can do this.


New, post-Christmas plushies, blankies and some new hardware (and, as always, dog). Rate bed /10.


I very, very rarely pre-purchase games. But, when I do... (ho boy, I can not wait!)


This was a fucking ride.


The world of The Ascent is so impeccably detailed! Probably 70% of my time has been venturing off the beaten path for better loot, valuable resources or to just take in the scenery. Didn't expect this from what seemed like just a cyberpunk Helldivers.


Please meet the superior gamer waifu. Only giga-chads like me apply.


It's Taco Thursday around here, thanks to our resident bunny fiend Wes. Happy Birthing!


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