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60+ hours into Days Gone and I'm loving my bike. I just love it. It's weird, but the steady build-up from junker to this beaut has been satisfying. The game itself is bloaty, yes, but they did the economy up pretty well.




So, I'm coming to find that Metroid Dread is definitely not an easy game to come back to, mid-session, a couple days later. Woof.


I could go for some good Metroid Head right about now.


Oh hey. Deacon's pretty cute when he's not decked out in his best Fred Durst cosplay.


You know what? I need to make this my theme tune for my YouTube outros! #Alphatoid Also, 5 YEARS AGO!? Back when I was still "SeymourDuncan17".


Turns out I cannot... canNOT moderate my diet when it comes to food. Trading 90% of my soda for actual sustenance has been simple, but junk food is so hard to avoid. I'm gonna see about dropping the stuff cold turkey. Just meats, greens and nuts.


Starting over Dread was the right idea. I'm finding it's one of those games that's slick af to rush through. Designing a game to have great locomotion is tough and it feels Nintendo is the only AAA publisher paying attention to this facet.


I made a joke about playing Days Gone for 50+ hours in my recent blog and... well, yeah. I think it's time for a break. I'll come back after I'm done with Dread, which I may as well restart. People weren't kidding about DG's bloat, but it's still chill.


Going through my Spotify backlog and Alestorm here making me want a goddamn accordion.


The last thing I want to admit is that a Beatles cover can possibly be any more than okay at best, but this actually slaps. #musictoid


Semi-hot take: The beginning, say, 10-15 minutes of Dread are kind of poopy. Upbeat horns during that boring synopsis, Adam's annoying text-to-speech VO, etc. When the game shuts up, though, and lets me soak it in, it's great so far.


You ever find yourself falling asleep at your desk from browsing Twitter and waking up to find a mysterious tab open to a Tiermaker page featuring most/least fuckable Pokemon? ... no? Just me?


Inscryption is fun. Anyone else play the demo yet?


Merry Birthday to big booty bitch Phil! Impossible to resist, can't get enough of it.


So, I'm pretty sure I've seen 1 or 2 people here fondling Wasteland 3's nuts before. The entire collection is 35 bucks. Yay, nay? I do like Disco Elysium, Fallout: New Vegas, games with similar mechanics/vibes...


Playing Alan Wake for the first time in 10 years fy


I have a blog up regarding my usual quarterly game log! If you want to see what I've been playing and want some shit opinions, I have all that can eat.


If anyone gets Mike for Dtoid's Secret Santa, you know what to get them this Christmas.


One day, I'm going to make it up to my mom for all she's done for me. I don't know where I'd be without her unconditional safety net.


You thought it was Dire Dire Docks, but it was me, HARD HABIT TO BREAK!


Goddamn. I'm missing out on a visual powerhouse by playing this on medium. Makes me want to skip the XSX in favor of a 3080.


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