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Dammit, Bass. I fucking like this. This stupid, very cute, very very simple game.


Compiling all my best screenshots for my 2021 wrap-up blog and rediscovered this little gem. The character creator in Death Road to Canada is, I'd say, sufficient enough.


I'D BEEN LOOKING FOR THIS FOR SO LONG, until it just popped up in one of my old YouTube videos as I was rearranging playlists. One of the best mashups I had heard at the time.


Also, would any genwunner or genwunner sympathizers trade Oshawat for Squirtle as the Arceus water starter?


Very happy to see there will be actual dungeons. Reacquired excitement! And they better treat Hisuian Decidueye right.


Very encouraging when your favorite pr0n artist (and a talented musician in their own right) says you have a good ear for composing.


#arbitrarymetaltuesday is my favorite Tuesday! Heard this thanks to a poster here, for the first time, and it's one of the thrashiest jams I've had ever grace my eardrums.


My first Wordle in 3 tries. Let's fucking go! (spoiler in the comments)


Found this Paint drawing in my local Pictures folder (labelled "Goomba") that I'm sure felt right at the time.


I don't post politics often, but for those interested in the pieces from the likes of John Oliver or Some More News might take to a new series from a pretty underrated YT outfit from Jesse Dollemore.


I think I'll channel my frustration with the blog editor and start a couple video series throughout 2022 that'll chronicle my game playing adventures in short doses. One for surprises, one for stinkers, one for hot takes. We'll see! #unrelated


Given the bollocks the cblog editor is throwing at me and despite the real gangster that is Kevin (DeadMoon) for fervently trying to help me, I'm shifting my plans of "quarterly game logs" a tad. Video, maybe? That's likely overpromising. #unrelated


In light of Troy Baker peddling NFTs and the crushing blow it is as he was the biggest reason why I went to my first Comic-Con in 2014, I present this meme in place of a hole through one of my walls.


I wanna thank, once again, everyone who helped me out this month by purchasing some of my unwanted goodies. Made a lot more than I was expecting in such a short period of time. I'm knelt down and ready to return the favor. Image unrelated.


I might be the only one here with a Series S, but good lord does it get hot and quick! Only happens when playing a game, though. Nonetheless, it's muy stupido. Image unrelated.


Whoa! This is one of the most unique sounding tracks I've heard in a long time. Spotify's recommendation algorithms continue to be so well-accommodated to my tastes that it scares me.


Just sayin’… mine’s gotta be the best one here.


Big ol’ list of games for cheap ITT! Give it a look, as I’m trying to make this next month work for me, financially, as best as possible. Image unrelated. (BUMP: Second to last bumpereeno!)


I’m not sure if I’ll ever take down this adorable tinsel tree in my room.


Thanks so much to everyone who purchased/is to purchase a game from me in such a short span of time! The money was most definitely needed. And a hearty Thank You: Definitive Edition to those who insisted on being charged MORE! I fucking love you guys.


Hello! I'm feelin' okay. Hopefully getting my guitar back from the shop. Can't wait to work my callouses back up and then jam all the time again. #selfietoid (excuse the red eyes, am good but tired)


Since I've hit some money troubles, I'm looking to get rid of some real 2kool shit and for cheap! Anybody here interested in that Limited Run Games CE of Jak & Daxter? Unsealed (w/ some minor tears) for $250?


I'm not feeling like shutting fucking shit at the moment, so here's a (potentially controversial) #songcoverwednesday.


Got my first real CAMP set down in my curious venture into, of all things, Fallout 76. I like it! Instituted some cheap prices of ammo, cool outfits players may have missed, stuff for other early players, etc. I now sort of... "get" the appeal of these.


It sort of gives me the willies, but I'm gonna say it... I'm playing Fallout 76 and I am quite liking it! The Wastelanders expansion clearly reworked the game for the better, as someone who played it for a couple hours around launch.


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