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This was a cool ride! Am now able to parse all the neat worldbuilding I'd been experiencing from earlier on. Now for the impossible task of actually playing through this story myself.


It’s rare that I cook myself a hearty breakfast to enjoy, and I’m definitely going to enjoy this <3


Itching a mosquito bite and minor cut within the same square inch area and IT HURTS SO GOOD MMMF


I love you guys like I love chicken tendies. No matter where I go, I just want some tendies. When there aren't tendies on offer, something will just feel very wrong. Now, where's my chocolate milk!?


What do you think would be the ideal location + game + extra (food, preferred vice, etc.) for your current mood? I'm good where I'm at (home), grinding out some Super Auto Pets. I would, though, like to add in some herbage illegal here recreationally.


Crossed the 100hr mark in Dead Cells on just my Switch copy alone! All they've added since I was last addicted to it (probably mid-2020) has helped cement it as the goat of roguelites. The goatlite.


I wish I had been more intellectually curious earlier in life. That I had trained that muscle that would allow me to pull a file from my subconscious, citations at the ready and concisely articulate my political views. I so often just feel... inadequate.


Gotta love a surprise NakeyJakey drop.


NL signal-boosting what is debatably the best Vampire Survivors-adjacent auto-battler les goooooooooooooo


Well, this took me on a pleasant nostalgia trip.


Got in my new monitor, but was damaged from either me or the delivery. Didn't get the protection plan because I was thinking cheap. Hammered my fists upon my desk a few times, then cleaned the room and my gear in a zen state. Guess my friend is visiting.


I hope we've finally reached the point at which indie titles will start chasing GameCube nostalgia (Animal Crossing, Pikmin, etc.), because this looks just lovely.


Also, is it Alphadeus' b-day? Sorry. I couldn't hear y'all over my amazing theme music.


This almost feels like it could be/could've been the next Deadly Premonition.


This looks... genuinely great? Almost like it was a particularly polished proof of concept from Nintendo that would've never saw the light of day. These typically feel hollow, but I downloaded this to try myself.


Just started PARANORMASIGHT, thanks to Zoey's review. The presentation is outstanding and it oozes polish from every angle. They also nailed an art style that feels both strange yet natural against the panoramic pictures of these real(?) locations.


Looking into a new PC/gaming monitor. Are curved monitors worth buying into? Does it elevate your gaming experiences in any way? Also, a quick computer noob question in the comments.


About to enjoy my last two bags of Pop Chips. Ordered a bunch of these a couple weeks ago, and they’re a top 10 snack. Not insanely unhealthy either!


Also, for fuck's sake, comedy is not dying. Neither is freeze peach. It's that very freeze peach that allows us to freely criticize one's comedy, which then might lead companies to make executive decisions for the sake of better PR or more money. Deal.


Found the moms watching The Jefferson's. Caught me off-guard when one of the characters shouted the 'n' word. Boy, that'd never fly in a modern, comedy sitcom hah.


I just want to state, for the record, that if you wanna be my lover then you have to get with my friends. Also, make it last forever, because friendship never ends.


Finally organizing my Steam library because it’s strangely calming (and it’s not easy making sense out of a very long list of such a wide palette of games).


I'm no fighting game fan (will try to change that come June), but hook Zangief's theme music to my veins already.


Playing Hotel Sowls atm and it’s absolutely pleasant <3 Music is excellent and I’m really getting a kick out of the loads of environmental flavor text. One of the few times I’ve found myself using the Steam Deck’s trackpad.


This was a fun look back on BotW's beta footage, six years (to the day) post-launch. Interestingly, it seems TotK will release approximately 10 years after the original BotW really began production.


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