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Falling further in love with the Deck. I already mentioned I installed vibrantDeck via enabling plug-ins to help with the saturation loss, but I now have the Persona 4 UI sound effects and the Wii’s home screen as background audio!


Also, it looks like I might be getting commissioned by RTUSA to do compilations of his gaming live streams for some decent pay! Fucking surreal to be noticed like that by a million+ sub channel.


I finally posted my 3rd of 4 blogs for the year, detailing all the shit I had been playing the past few months. Witness it!!!


Real, cultured Gamers™ use their Deck to play Cookie Clicker.


I think I'm content, at the moment, in playing Arceus over Scarlet until they (hopefully) fix these fairly serious technical mishaps. Seems to cater, moreso, to my tastes and be generally more interesting anyhow. ALSO, thanks for all the bday wishes! <3


OMG! What’s in the birthday boxxx!?!? *pounds fists frantically against nearest surface*


It's my birthday and I've barely learned a thing in this extra year on Earth! Woo! And it just so happens that I've uploaded a YT video for the first time in a long time just this morning! Watching it would be a damn good b-day present, dontcha know.


Thanks to an upcoming Super Auto Pets patch, I've discovered the "birds of paradise" and holy cow these birds are gorgeous~ <3


Tom Petty was one of the VERY few artists without a single song (I had heard) I didn't think was at least a 7/10 (might be just him and Paul McCartney). I'm happy he got to play the Superbowl before he passed, but even our elders can leave us too soon.


I'm thankful for my mom. She's saved my ass time and time again. Would literally give her one of my kidneys. Probably the only way I could come close to repaying her.


Randomly browsed over to Phil's Steam profile, dicking around with my Deck, and as fate would have it...


Just installed vibrantDeck (basically saturation settings) onto my Dyeck and whoa whoa WHOA is my mind re-blown by this device. If they can have future models pushing 5-6+ hours for most games, you'll rarely see me ever complain about anything ever again.


As you can see, I was able to control myself.


I swear. After this Steam Sale, I am never letting the id part of my brain win out so easily (copium copium copium)!


Pid is currently 2 bucks (USD) on the eShop. It looks super average in screenshots, but it punches well above them. Feels like a wholesome LIMBO. Threw my support in because the developer is awesome (deets in comments).


> "Father, I must play." > Not now, I'm shitting. > "That's okay, I will sit and stare instead."


God of War: Ragnarok? I sleep. God of War: Cowboys Vs. Vampires?


TBH, Scarlet/Violet look considerably better than SW/SH. And, in a vacuum, look pretty alright. However, the technical issues have, unfortunately, not been overstated. Wouldn't surprise me to see a rare performance patch for a 1st party Nintendo game.


For those interested, you can now start up your digital pre-order copies of Scarlet and Violet. I'll be bumpin' up against this the rest of the night/morning!


Newp. Not a fan of the link to my draft cblog having disappeared from my "/edit" page because this website still hasn't figured that kink out months/years later. [BUMP - Can a mod help resolve this? A simple link to it would suffice.]


This is not a drill, hbomberguy has uploaded.


The dog is on the bed.


Day 2 impressions of the Steam Deck are definitely more positive. Form fit is still slightly awkward, but I'm impressed at the ease of use and genuinely shocked at how well it runs Resident Evil 8. Only problem... BAH. TOR. AY.


Today’s gonna be a damn good day.


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