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I feel like I might be not quite ready for Farum Azula, eh? I handed the Fire Giant a fat 'L' within maybe 7 or 8 tries, for what that's worth.


Super addicted 10 Minutes Till Dawn (the pretty beefy demo version to the upcoming 20 Minutes Till Dawn)! Found a build that fucking popped OFF with shotgun + lady w/fire wave every third shot + all the other cool fire skills + stacking projectile buffs.


I found a new progressive politics bro that makes me envious of their looks, but also gives me heavy "if Jonathan Holmes were gay and not bald" vibes.


I was watching Markiplier play The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe and he came across something I think we can all appreciate... (spoilers in comments)


Steam's discovery queue isn't as scary-accurate as Spotify's own recommendation algorithm, but I've added well over a dozen more games to my wishlist as well as purchased 4 others since I began feeding my curiosity about an hour ago.


So, a YT documentary on New Coke is what invariably sent me down a rabbit hole I do not regret going down.


Besides looking insanely tired, I'm happy with the results! #selfietoid


I'm about to fart... (spoilers in the comments) (UPDATE: Here we go again!)


Not gonna lie, my character be lookin' based.


Came back to Elden Ring to clean up a couple left behind ruins and forts, as well as finally attempt Radahn again and... (spoilers)


Desktop version of Dtoid not working for anyone else?


A new avatar... awaits! HUZZAAAAAHHHH!


I've finally lost enough weight that I can actually start to color-coordinate older and older clothes so that I have even a semblance of drip! #selfietoid


Holy fuck this works way too damn well.


Such a classic moment.


I think I'm gonna start a new, HEALTHY habit. If someone references something I'm unaware of, I read a word I don't know the definition of, etc. I'm gonna look it up immediately like boom now I've raised my INT stat. Image unrelated.


Impeccable. Even the goddamn vocals are 100% on point.


Anyone remember that classic Warner Bros cartoon, "Punch Trunk"? Well, someone made a game based around it, using the audio in splices, with some great (albeit simplistic) work on the animations.


On a lighter note, I just discovered these videos and they are splendid.


America, the beautiful.


Was watching Northerlion's recent Peglin VOD. He read what must've been a bitty donation that said "Just waiting for a Guitar Hero roguelite." and I think I pre'd.


You motherfuckers take the little things for granted. I had been using an on-screen keyboard for the past week, until now. Halle-fucking-lujah. Image unrelated.


Until Backpack Hero, we have another, more explicit borrowing of RE4's thunder with "Save Room". And, ya know what? It's more than worth the 2 bucks so far! I love, love, love that this is a thing.


Here's a #Selfietoid from 2016, and one of my favorites. Back when Trump was easier to laugh off as a meme. I hope to, sooner rather than later, get back down to this weight!


So, that makes 3 Souls bosses I've beaten on my first try. Bloodborne's Father Gascoigne, Elden Ring's Margit and now Godfrey (shade). Woo!


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