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Good lord this week's Jimquisition was a mess of false equivalences and angry rhetoric trumping logic. Poor Sterling really has lost the plot.


When you realize that letters from villagers in Animal Crossing read like Donald Trump speeches.


Chris Carter Presents Destructoid: A Chris Carter Production --- this would be a more accurate by-line than "Unfiltered News, Reviews & Community" imo


#ConfessionToid When people asking me to sign up for monthly donations to charities pester me on the street, I sometimes pretend I can't speak English. #Nohabloinglés


Why is the Tales of Berseria review not done yet? Are DToid planning to release it as DLC or something?


Maybe I'm late to the party, but I just found out Elon Musk is dating Amber Heard. Dafuq is wrong with the guy?


It's really hard liking South American music. The catchiest tunes always have the most racist lyrics.


Pokémon can be so strange. Having found the tapus a bit of a bitch to catch (I'm looking at you Tapu Fini), I got Necrozma with my first Ultra Ball when it had 5 HP & no status conditions. Craaaazy.


Sorry to post yet another Switch video (still trying to figure out if I want one), but this has to be the funniest vid on the Switch I've seen yet. I love the way he keeps looking to the side like he's talking to an invisible sidekick.


Wow. I've never heard of this guy before, but amidst a lot of hysteria on every side (Jim Sterling has basically gone insane), this is the sanest look at the commercial info on the Switch we have right now.


People complaining about the prince of Super Bomberman R need to remember how addictive the multiplayer will probably be. Bomberman is basically the original Splatoon.


I like Fire Emblem and all, but this Nintendo Direct just made me miss Advance Wars a little bit more.


Happy Martin Luther day everyone.


#Predictiontoid: Super Mario Odyssey will be the best 3D Mario game since 64. Apologies for the dumbass hashtag.


My old Pokémon Silver cartridge's battery is officially dead. 200+ hrs of game-play nowhere to be found. I'll miss them all, especially you Piloswine.


Am I the only one who misses those marathon favors from the original Animal Crossing? The one where you have to find 7 different people, at least 3 of which are in random locations the other side of town, and then get a shit reward?


I just found out that my dad has met and spoken to Bobby Kotick quite a few times ~10 years ago. The effect on our relationship remains to be seen.


I have literally just read the dumbest comment ever, on anything, in the comments section of the Daily Mail's story on Carrie Fisher. Not mean, just stratospherically stupid. [In comments b/c character limit]


I ended up playing my DS re-release of The New Zealand Story last night for the first time in like 8 years. I had forgotten what a hidden gem that game is.


Finally got round to Firewatch. Hours after finishing, I still can't decide if I like the game. In places I thought it was well written & compelling even if it was a walking sim. Sometimes I was bored because it was a walking sim.


Playing a bit of Paper Mario Thousand Year Door today. I had forgotten how lovely the Boggly Woods area is. (picture not my own alas)


So FF XV has forced me out of my perfect PC gaming island and into this gen of consoles. I am opting PS4 because it has more, & better, exclusives. Any particular game recommends? And where do people stand on on Pro? Answers please incl workings ;)


I've seen so much commenting about the Metroid franchise lately that I want to try Super Metroid once my assignments are done (i.e. Friday) - can anyone recommend a good SNES emulator?


You know that feeling when you find out a famous person died and you missed it? Well, Tony Hawk is STILL ALIVE.


Manga has come a long way since the 19th century. Wow.


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