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Soul Calibur IV Premium Edition Unboxed

I managed to acquire not only a copy of Soul Calibur IV for my birthday but the shiny Premium Edition that I really wanted, so I thought I would share it with all of you.
My camera at the time of taking most of these pics decided it wasn't going to cooperate with me so I apologize for the crappy quality.

The box in it's factory form, complete with little plastic slip cover thingy. Few things seem more useless than the plastic slip cover thingy, espcially if it adds nothing to the look of the packaging much like this one does.

The front of the tin. Redesigned Soul Edge and Soul Calibur clashing in all their shiny epicness.

The back of the tin, I like this graphic much better than just the two swords.

This is the tin opened with all the goodies still resting inside of it, its on a hinge so it opens up instead of just popping off like I thought it would.

This spiffy little card has a code printed on the back that gives me access to special DLC, as well as doing things like giving me the complete Soul Calibur from the start.

The game itself, very cool.

Back of the box, heh. The same as the plastic sleeve; picture of Mitsurugi, some screen shots, bulleted selling points, and a crap ton of tiny technical crap in several different languages.

This has nothing to do with the game itself but I think it's pretty funny, printed on that sticker there it says "DO NOT SELL BEFORE 7/29/08"

One side of the dual sided poster; this side has a bracket for hosting your own tournaments, it's coated for dry erase pens for multiple uses.

The opposite side of the dual sided poster; this one is just a cool pin up with Vader, Mitsurugi, Astaroth, Hilde, Ivy, Algol, and Yoda.

The front of the very cool comic book/art book.

The back of said very cool comic book/art book.

Some panels from the comic.

A sampling of the art book portion, I like seeing the characters as illustrations a little better than in-game I think. Was interesting to see how everyone has changed, looking through this part was the first time I saw everyone.

A Soul Calibur IV t-shirt which Bandai Namco I guess intended as a prize for the tournament you are apparently supposed to be having, but screw that it's mine xD to be honest it's like the main reason I wanted the limited edition set. I love me some "novelty" shirts.

And finally the dry erase marker they give you to fill out the brackets of this mystery tournament lol

So that be it, I personally think this is an awesome tin full of win but then again I am a dork and a fan of Soul Calibur so I would imagine stuff like this is geared towards people like me.

I am looking forward to crafting epic tales of swords and souls with fellow Dtoiders
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