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Gaming without high speed internet

Believe it or not but in this modern age we live in high speed internet is not readily available in all locations. I happen to be one of the last gamers out there without high speed internet. I don't have dial-up anymore but what we now have at our house I would hardly call high speed. I'm sure you all are aware of the satellite company Direct TV. Some of you may also be aware of their satellite internet called Hughes Net. Yeah it sounds like a simple solution to not having high speed available but the catch is you can only use so much of it. Yes I am living with limited internets. Now I ended up finding out about this before we made the switch and I tried to warn my Dad but he went ahead and got it not realizing just how much of a pain in the ass he had just gotten us all into.

We have 3 computers in the house connected to the internet, for those 3 computers we have a total of 200mb a day to use. Thats 66.7mb a computer! Thats for every bit of data they download for pictures on websites, videos, words, every single part of a website that is loaded on my screen goes towards that. When one calls in to complain about this and how ridiculous it is you are presented with wonderful news from the nice man in India on the other line: 3-7AM IS FREE INTERNETS ZOMG!! Yeah well here in America I'm usually asleep at those hours. Even when its working it really isn't all that much better than dial-up. So how is this game related? Glad you asked!

You see in this day and age if you don't have high speed internet you miss out on a lot. I miss out on Friday Night Fights here on Destructoid, I miss out on playing COD4 and UT3 with my friends here in town, I miss out on downloading XBLA and PSN games, I miss out on friend codes ... Ok so maybe I'm not missing much there. I really feel like I'm missing out on a huge part of my video games experience now a days. Looking at the new games on the horizon about 95% of them have some sort of online play. There are some games I'd love to play that I just can't at all since they are online only (Warhawk, Team Fortress 2).

Now I'm not trying to cry myself a river here or ask for sympathy I just wanted to share what its like being a gamer with out high speed internet. Am I the only one left or do I have any brothers or sisters out here on dtoid who share my pain?
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