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Back from E3 with more videos and too much work


Rev. Anthony, myself, and Aaron Linde. All that's missing is Mr. Sterling

Niero said it best when he compared E3 to a sort of high school reunion for the gaming industry. Not only did I get to see and hang out with some of my favorite Dtoiders, but I also go to run into my favorite other folks from Gaygamer.net, 1up, MTV Multiplayer, AOL Gamedaily, and more. Fun! Laffs! Games! A huge thanks to the Destructoid team for being the best around, and making E3 totally worthwhile between the chaos and the muck. Here's a bonus E3 video of Chad opening his AMAZING gift from RetroForce fan Stella Wong!:

Chad gets a special gift at E3 from .tiff on Vimeo.

If interested, check out my Day 2 and 3 personal recap of E3 (The video is 10 minutes of me blabbing on and on about stuff. Sorry. Long video is long.) You can also find more photos and
videos on my respective Flickr and Vimeo accounts.

And finally, a question for you Dtoiders: What did you think of the personal impressions/videos that we put up during the coverage? Did you like the causal v-log approach? Would you like to see more of this style of coverage in the future?

!!! HARTS !!!
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