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Is Nintendo getting into bed with Microsoft?

This question can be summed up so easily. In the most simplistic and passionate word that can be understood, spoken, deciphered, and delivered can we find answer to such a daunting question.


I mean seriously, why would they do something like this? Oh cause you saw this video?

When someone takes the lines and types them out for people to read it seems a little more plausible. Especially when you don't use ALL of the words. On some websites you will see quotes like this:

Geoff: I was talking to Microsoft and they didn?t announce (at E3) their motion controller. John Schappert (VP of Xbox live) was saying, He loved to talk to you about the idea of using the Wiimote, to work with the Xbox 360, gonna happen?
Reggie: you know those 360 rumors continue?.
Geoff: Schapper said, he?d be open to having that meeting
Reggie:You know it?s interesting, for us?.
Geoff: Not gonna happen, right??
Reggie: We said during our press conference that we?re about making people smile, and what?s thrilling is?with Mr.Myamoto and Mr.Iwata and these fantastic experiences we bring to the market, we do believe, we make people smile. And that?s what is giving us momentum in the market place. You know-in terms of, other people trying to tack on to our technology-in our approach and our momentum in the market place-You know, We?ll see??

- courtesy of SlashGamer

Possible? Seems like it from there. But the greatest part is what is said immediately following the end of the quote...

Reggie: John is a big Nintendo supporter and a big fan of what we do and so I will always take John's call. But the fact of the matter is...we're trying to do something fundamentally different than what are friend's at Redmond are trying to do.

Sounds like a no deal. Granted this isn't saying, "no way" but just that the door is all but locked. Seriously, how can someone post the video and then only quote PART of something to get an answer they want? I've heard of and seen some stupid things but c'mon this is just bad journalism...or is it good?
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