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A cast of thousands: Tom Nook


Finally after picking fruit and fishing till your soul dies you pay off your house. Its a rather magical moment, you feel free and liberated. It doesn't last long though, you soon come to realize that he will now begin the process all over as he rebuilds your home to make into something meant for people to live in. This results in you paying out the ass for your new home and dying inside even more. You repeat this process until you get your final home and then once its payed off you get a statue. That statue is beautiful, it symbolizes your new freedom. Every time I look at it I think, wow ... I never have to work for that damn raccoon again!

Now don't get me wrong I love Animal Crossing and can't wait till City Folk comes out for Wii. Its just that Tom Nook is a despicable, greedy, low down bell whore. I swear he must bathe in that stuff! He doesn't have a home and hes obviously got a ass ton of bells seeing as how I gave him about a billion. Yet every time I see him hes in the same clothes. What would one do with that many bells? I like to think Tom is saving all his bells from all the Animal Crossing games to create a weather dominator to take over the entire world and turn us all into slaves!

When that time comes who will save us? I don't think some fossils and apples are gonna save our ass this time.
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