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Let's move on, shall we?

Ok, now that we're finally done with E3, let's wrap the things up and move on with our gaming lives. The whole show was a letdown, I think we all got a bit carried away and thought this year's expo would be more similar to the good old days (1995-2006) and expected something good from it, especially after the mess that was E3 2007.
Well, at least I'm sure I was.
My favourite company is Nintendo and while I don't consider myself a fanboy - since I don't think they're always right for example - I always look at the big N news first. I love my Wii and my DS :) !
So what was the good stuff we got from Nintendo's E3? Surely for me the Motion Plus accessory is really exciting, because even though we've seen it in action just in Wii Sports Resort it surely opens lots of new possibilities and I hope developers will use it wisely to give us fresh experience (Red Steel 2 anyone? they should do it and add "now 100% crappy sword controls free!" on the cover). Then we had Wii Speak, aka "finally voice chat in Nintendo games" that from early reports seems to work really well. I really can't wait for it because playing "mute" online brawl isn't that amusing of an experience and even though I'm no big online player I feel that something's not right as it is now. Plus, the uber-awesome "The Conduit" from High Voltage Software (I love you guys!) is confirmed to be using it so I know it won't be just Animal Crossing. By the way, The Conduit is the next E3 goodness I wanted to name, because I don't usually love FPSs for a variety of reasons (usually they're too multiplayer oriented and the single player part is shallow, bland and repetitive, for example) but this project looks interesting even for me and th folks at HVS are putting a ridicolous amount of effort into it, so much I can't do anything but tip my hat off to them and preorder the game ASAP. Like in school, those who bust their arse off should be always rewarded.
The last thing is we got a small clarification about the situation: E3 is not the place for the big announcements anymore, so let's wait for these big core games they said they're working on and (this is a personal suggestion) let's not get too much hyped next time, so we won't be disappointed so much again.

Let me use an example.

Being Italian I'm a huge football fan...and I mean the real football, the one where you actually play the ball with your feet =P My favourite team is FC Juventus. This year we were all hyped up for Xabi Alonso (central midfield, good techique and passing) to come join our team, but in the end we got Christian Poulsen (defensive midfield, aggressive and phisical) just because our coach has his own plan. The Nintendo situation is pretty much the same: we thought they would give us Kid Icaurs, Disaster and all big titles, but ended up with Animal Crossing and Wii Sports Resort because the bigwigs have their own plans.
So in the end we were let down because simply we don't know what's on their mind. Probably everything will go well, Juventus will win something important next season and Nintendo will spill the beans in the next months about the games we care about. And everyone will live happily ever after. But we fell victim of our own expectation, so let's take our time now to look forward and move on, having realized that E3 isn't what we thought it was, what we wanted it to be. There are lots of games to be played, and it's our duty as gamers to play them! ^_^

PS: since I try to express myself in a honest and direct way I usually don't read again what I post, so if you notice spelling errors and/or typos please let me know so I can correct them :) Of course, any kind of constructive criticism is more than welcome! Just please be kind, remember that it's not always easy for someone who wasn't born speaking English but had to learn it later! Thank you and I look forward to your comments!
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