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E3 Ubisoft Press Conference

Here We Go, The Ubisfot E3 2008 Press Conference :3

17:38 Im Watching G4 TV Online (Im Thousands of Miles Aways from the Fun u.u) Waiting With some random music :P

17:41 Eleven Minutes Later The Show

17:42 A Video, Laurent Ditoc enter to the stage.

17:43 Right to The Games! Rayman Raving Rabbids TV Party, He puts is Ass on the Wii balance Board y play the same game we saw at Ubidays :(. WE WANT MOAR!! I Got to admitted, i love that DAMN BUNNIES!!

17:47 New Trailer With New Games from RRR, I can Stop laughing xD

17: 49 Brothers in Arms Hell’s Highay Trailer It's Looks Pretty Nice. September on Xbox 720, GrillStation 3 y PI SI.

17:52 Tom Clancy’s EndWar, first game ever you play with the voice (So My Hey You Pikachu wasn't the first!? im feeling Like a Sad Panda .___.)… Ok… We Want Sauce, here comes the Trailer. Opne Invitation to Play it at the Expo… What Da Hell im Doing Here? u.u

17:54 War Game, you have to give orders to your troops, Interesting, Xbox 180 y ToasterStation 3

17:56 They talk about aplying new technologies and bla bla. i See a city on flames, a lot of bodies in the water, another FPS… FarCry2…360 y PS3 (Also, Cocks and PC)

17:59 FarCry 2 Live Demo. You Can Chage the Hour whenever you want :O! Put the clock in the night and let's party!! and sneaking :3. Lot of things yo can dou, how explode things, etc.

18:05 Tony Key on the stage: GAMES FOR GIRLS!!!, Imagine Series has sells more Than Pokemon on DS...they said that don't look at the screen with that face. 22.1 Millions of Copies!.

OMFG!! GTA DS is a piece of crap, Get Ready for The Mokeyz!!

18:09 UBIPETZ TOYZ!!! ok...

18:10 New Imagine Games (Do Not Want please...)…The Trailer Girls are Hot xD Interiors and Wedding Designer, Singer, Director and teacher… pedo bears, stay away!

18:11 Imagine for Wii!! Put in the Trash your SSBB copy THIS RULZ!!

18:12 Wii Sports Resort, Be Afraid! Be very Fuckin Afraid! Avril Lavigne Music Too :3 It's called Ener-G for DS: Cheerleaders, and More Horses… High Scholl Musical it's nothing besadie this

18:15 Shaun White Snowboarding, we already seen it in the morning

18:17 LOL! Demo Presentation , Multiplayer And SNOW BALLS WAR!!!

18:19 Shit! That's the Everest! OMG Damn High Mountain!

18:20 OMG! 16 Players At the same time!!! And the others 240? :(

18:21 xD! Shaun White appears, and very late xD he spekas about how cool it's the game and you must buy 24 copies for you and others 56 for you little friends

18:24 Prince of Persia!! YAY!! IT’s LOOK AWESOME!! And Music it’s making me cry u.u El Nuevo Estilo del Juego realmente le va Bien (en el apartado grafico digo)

18: 26 DEMO!! ULTRA YAY!! They Will show how the fight sequences work!

18:28 xD “(the Girl i don't knowthe name on the game) is there to make you feel cool” xD jajaj. Remember Prince of Persia is so so cool (like they said :P). No more a lineal game :3 Nice!

18:29 Woo The Boss Fights Look Amazing!

18:31 They Want to reach every gammer by making acrobatics more realistics and easy to do

18:34 And there’s go the Boss A la chucha pal Abismo xD. Now is all Happy happy Joy Joy :P Oh look There’s a Butterfly! C’mon Follow Him!

18:35 Prince of Persia for Hardcore Consoles (that’s incluyed PC)

18:36 Last Announcement!! After this over

A Bunch of Guys Seeking for Water, in desesperation, now we are seeing what happens 6 days earlier, The Floor Crash, Everything Explodes!! Holy Shit!!

The name of the Game: “Im Alive”

And That’s It’s!

And have fun watching, i was expecting more form Raving rabbids but well...
Prince of Persia really looks awesome. And i'll wait to see how it works EndWar with the voice System :P

And there you go... Sorry for the english :P and sorry for no images and other sutff but they will appear sooner or later on Dtoid :P

I Love Eveyone of you keep that in Mind :3
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