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*clears throat* I have a couple of announcements to make...

Hey, everybody. I've already mentioned the following notes to many people: if you're an editor, you've seen the first announcement, and if you're on the community emailer, you've already seen the second one. Regardless, I wanted to keep everyone in the loop, so here goes...

Trip to India

Tomorrow, July 10th, my family and I are going on a vacation to the motherland. We'll be there for almost four weeks; I'll be back in the States on Tuesday, August 5th. I've been looking forward to this trip for a while, and I know it's going to be awesome. I haven't been back in six years, and most of my family resides there, so I'm sure there are going to be plenty of the requisite "My, how you've grown/changed" exchanges. I just hope I don't die of heatstroke or drown in a monsoon or something -- who would bring you updates on Madden NFL 09 then?

We'll be flying into New Delhi and staying there for four days, and then we'll head "home" to Kolkata, which is where my parents grew up and I was born. I don't yet know what the "internet situation," as I like to call it, is going to be like in India. When we went in the summer of 2002, I only was able to check my email a few times during the trip at "internet cafes" (they're pretty ubiquitous, but at the age of 15, I wasn't quite brave enough to strike out on my own in Kolkata; there are over 4.5 million inhabitants in the city proper, and over 14.5 million in the metro area). So I'm likely going to be away from Destructoid for the duration of my trip. I think you guys'll manage; I'm more worried about myself. I expect to be pining for Dtoid from the moment I get on the plane.

Now, for my second notice, which you could call a megaton announcement...


I hope to see all of you there! From what I've heard, there will be Rapetraps´┐Ż galore...
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