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Beginner Post (Original, Isn't it?)

Hello Everybody, It's a me, Somebody Who Never Enter Before in this site, now does it,and im giving a try to this, let's see if works (in a few momentos i would post my welcome at the forums, meanwhile you can read my profile xD)

First of All sorry about my crappy English im from Chile, the Ass of the Planet, so sorry about that, im gonna try to improve it (Hey, Playing Metal gear Solid helps a lot).

I have no consoles, but i have fun playing with my friends (they have a job and can have PS3, i just a own a N64). last week, Completely Excited Playing MGS4 (No Kidding, it brought tears to my eyes, my god Friend Juan Pablo "Otacon" Cry For Second Time Watching the Damn ending), Wii, GH: Aerosmith (I Prefer Wait for World Tour) and Mario Party 8 (I Don't Know Why, but every mini game i won was the ones you have to shake the Wiimote like a Monkey... yeah...).

So, let's see...Chrono Trigger? A Port, but well, IT'S Chrono Trigger!!! The perfect reason to finally buy my NDS this Xmas... So guys you know it, if you win some scholarship don't waste it in Beer or some other random stuff, buy a DS.

And in another news and just Wet Again (Like Fourth Time in Just Six Days) When i Knew just today that it's gonna be released a New Arcade Game: Tatsunoko vs CAPCOM(something like that) to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of Capcom. It's like Capcom Vs SNK but with Oldie Anime Characters, you would recognize al least one (Judo Boy, Gatchaman), and A Lot of Capcom Characters, making this a complete fan Service. They didn't appear In Brawl? Here You have It! the Classic Street Fighter Characters: Ryu And Chun-Li, some from other franchise Like Megaman (The Battle Network One :S), Batsu from Rival School, Resident Evil's Leon and Apollo Justice... thinking that it just makes me cum again xD, I love the Ace Attorney franchise so now im thinking what kind of move set would they have... Wanna Proof?

Yo'! Here Whit More Pixels!

Wanna sauce? Check This Beautiful Site and take a look at the magazine, Specially at the last page. I don't Know everything about Release Date or something, Mi Japanese goes down to Zero.

Due to my ubication, i really doubt im gonna put my hands on this game, but, you never know.

Nice to Meet Guys, so excuse me now, im gonna change my pants (again)
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