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Monday Night Mayhem - "Dude, You Really Need To"

Welcome one, welcome all DToiders. Of all ages, of all sizes. To win riches, to win prizes.

Okay, maybe I lied. Either way, welcome to the unofficial-official post to the first and ONLY ever Monday Night Mayhem. Tonight, we are going to celebrate Bungie Day.

Why: Free map?..

When: 10PM EST

Who: Me. You. Your friends. Dont forget to that its a costume party.

In the off chance that you are STILL oblivious to what in f*cks name is going on, today Bungie released a free Halo 3 map; Cold Storage. Cold Storage is a faithful remake to Halo: Combat Evolved's level "Chill Out!". (After running through the level a couple times, I'm still fuckin amazed at how utterly sexy it is.)

What does this mean? We play! Unfortunately, you will need ALL the DLC to compete tonight as far as I can see right now, as there is NO playlist that supports Heroic DLC and Cold Storage alone. Only ALL DLC. However, for those cheap basta-- err, money hugging fu--... Those less inclined to spend money on the Legendary map pack, fear not! At Midnight, if there is still interest we will switch to custom games. These will be played on Cold Storage, Foundry, Standoff, and Rat's Nest.

I will play customized forge maps, but ANYTHING requiring a special gametype will NOT be played. (AKA, no "Zombie" maps, and no fucking "DUCK HUNT".)

Hope to see you tonight!
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