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New Timer on Chrono Trigger Japanese Site makes me hopeful [UPDATE]


So I was checking out a fail blog a few cblogs under this one and I clicked on the Chrono Trigger DS japanese site again for no reason at all. Lo an behold, a timer has been added.

Doing some Jr. Matlocking, a.k.a. basic math, I discovered the timer is set to expire in 3.4 days. That gives me just enough time to fap furiously and then wash my sheets 10 times. I am happy.

Having never finished the original SNES one because my NOT emulator decided to forget 9 hours worth of leveling up, I'm really excited for the remake. I know the timer won't be something huge, but man, am I giddy as a schoolgirl.

Here's to a release date and/or videos/screens.

UPDATE: It seems like at the time I saw it, it looked like seconds. However, some people saw it change from 00 to 60, so it's hours. The time left is 31 hours. Sorry, but the lack of colons between the numbers made it confusing.
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