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Problems with Wii "Rock Band" already

I can only hope that this is an isolated incident. After all, there is no way that anyone can expect every item that comes off an assembly line to be in perfect condition. But unfortunately my kicker/bass drum pedal is not working. The rest of the drums are working fine, but the kick pedal - alas! - was flatlined right out of the box. Although this is not definitive, I also connected a multimeter to the plug and pressed the pedal several times HARD with no change on the meter at all. sigh I've already created a hardware/warranty incident with EA.

So, I don't know who else has bought this for the Wii; but considering the widely-reported issues with other Rock Band hardware, I can't say that this whole thing comes as a surprise to me.

The game itself is pretty good, though. I like some of the features that Guitar Hero III doesn't have, such as the solo points for certain songs and the bonus points for perfect solo play in other songs. Some of the songs are ... well, I'm not going to comment about that because I still have a significant number of songs to go through. I would love to say how much better the drums are when compared to Guitar Hero III (yes, that's a joke), but right now the drums are just about on par.

So, I figured that I would give everyone else a head's up to this in case this because a second wave of EA hardware problems.
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