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Toshiba don't understand the word FAIL, rises up to take on Blu-Ray again


Well it seems Toshiba, can't accept losing to Blu-Ray and have chosen to battle them with a "new" concept, releasing "enchanced" DVD players that upscale current DVDs, apparently the hardware will be alot cheaper than Blu-Ray players and "has the advantage because Blu-Ray players can't play DVDs". It also seems that Toshiba will attempt to release titles encoded in the "enhanced" format (not if that means it will play HD-DVD titles)

According to RegHardware.co.uk: "Toshiba has already unveiled “Super-resolution” imagery, which is still essentially standard-definition content upscaled to 1080p, but done with an interpolation algorithm that Toshiba believes is superior to the likes used on rival upscalers, such as Sony’s DVP-NS708H.

The hardware is expected to begin selling in Japan in December. Does anyone think that Toshiba actually has a chance battling the Blu giant again?
Alternative article here.
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