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Ninja Gaiden II Impressions

Recently, I got my hands on Ninja Gaiden II. As anyone who played the original Xbox's version of Ninja Gaiden, I was pretty excited to find out how the game had changed with the leap of generations.

The worst thing I found about Ninja Gaiden II is that it is completely last-gen. The graphics may look a bit nicer, but all of the environments are closed off, invisible walls abound, and loading times can occur in the most inopurtune times (I've had some 5 sec loads whenever I perform a Flying Swallow attack that goes out of the "area").

Anyway, I'm sure you've already made up your mind about getting this or not, but I thought the community would like a regular gamer's point of view on this. It's not that I don't think you should trust Nick's opinion (which, strangely enough, is very much like mine), but I know reviewers can feel jaded after playing so many games, having being one myself.

p.s. Amazing glitch time: in the second chapter, I was surrounded by enemies in a low-ceiling building. I perform the air-grabbing headfirst landing move and the games glitched out. I was out of the building in a black hole of emptiness for about 10 secs until the game resetted and put me back in the building. The enemy I had attacked disappeared into oblivion, though.
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