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Cinci NARP Recap: I'm so f**king tired edition

[Disclaimer: Due to the huge size of the images my phone produces, and the huge size of my fucking lack of sleep, you're getting links. Get. The Fuck. Over it.]

I'm going to start a list here, of amazing people:
Everyone At NARP

It was a great time; from playing Rock Band on a HUGE ass projection tv, to being hit so hard in the balls that I pee'd (Which I'm sure Tazar will tell that tale for many NARPs to come).

GuitarAtomik dominating.

GuitarAtomik and CosbyTron both played; the only difference is I don't remember humping CosbyTron at the same time.

Some things everyone should know:

Britini nor Matt will remember me; but thats okay. I LOVE hugs.

GuitarAtomik is my unofficial official gay lover. I want to make babies with his hair. We humped, all night.

Aertyr is a beast at air hockey. Also, his friend Bamham (or whatever the fuck his name is) is really...

Ron is a twig. A sexy twig.

Pedro is hilarious.

I'm a slave-boy to Tazar.

SteamyV likes sex during Rock Band. Particularly, "When You Were Young".

DON'T EVER, EVER EEEEVVVEEEERRR.. Let AgentMoo near a fucking microphone. It will result in hilarity that could only be matched by WiiSucks getting laid. (Nevermind that, thats disgusting and I'm too tired to backspace.)

Keener rules.

Black guys are good at COD4.

Gay raves are amazing until you get scrotum poached.

Britini and Matt = <3

BongDonkeY is one of the coolest people ever and has long arms.

CannibalCalvin likes to giggle while Aertyr fails to draw a penis on my cheek. (It turned into a heart, what. the. FUNKINATION.)

Cheeburga likes it if you hump him. LOL J/K

WallyWorld or whatever his name is? He's awesome. Just really quiet.

Droobies did not get naked once the entire.
dissapointed, I was.

ItemForty is Gordon Freeman. No fucking joke.

LarkOhiya's cool as shit, but eats very strange stuff.

Puppet; I'll be honest, I used to HATTTTEEE you man. but I LOVE you to fuckin DEATH now. If anyone ever gives puppet shit and isn't sexy, they're getting beat down by an angry fat kid.

Thats all I can remember right now, and I'm tired as hell. Later on I might edit this, and add more pictures. you'll see enough though, so I doubt it.

I love you guys; all of you.
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