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In the Vita-Chamber: Body Harvest


Doing something with the time travel aspect would allow Rockstar to pay with the moral implications of our actions much like they did with GTA IV. GTA IV had moments where you had to choose between one thing and another, the resulting choice would ultimately affect the games outcome so why not have that in there too. Have our main guy or gal choose to save either thier best friends mum or Albert Einstien, something like that.

Progress between time zones was linear in Body Harvest, as you went from the far past and moved ever closer to the future. A choice as to which of the threatened times you wish to visit could the way the game plays as events in one time will effect the othersand again show us the implications of our actions. For example letting someone die in the past could turn a utopian future into a distopian one, this in turn having the effect of civilians not listening to your commands to take cover as they might view you as a fascist enforcer but you'll have access to more powerful weapons.

Will it Happen?
Will Rockstar North retire it's main money spining franchise if only for a short while to concentrate on a second interation of Body Harvest?

It's not very likely is it? With GTA being the centre of gaming (and some non gaming) media attention the chances of seeing a return by this or fellow N64 stable mate Space Station Silicon Valley before another GTA are slim. Sad but a truth we must accept. I have fired off an e-mail to Rockstars PR department asking if there are any plans for Body Harvest, as soon as I hear anything you'll be the first to know D'toid.
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