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A plea to Konami, screw Rock make me a DJ hero!

Although Podtoid ignored this fact Konami has got to be given the props for pretty much inventing the “hey look I can play this song (with plastic instruments)” genre. People were Rock-banding away to Guitar Freaks, Drummania and Karaoke revolution at least 7 years before Guitar Hero.
What can’t be ignored is that Konami done f’d up and didn’t market the hell out of this idea and mass release them to home consoles in the United States. This is understandable given the unproven nature of the game and the niche market of J-pop (I believe this was before the days when every virginal 16 year old American was unhealthily obsessed with DragonballZ , honor, ninja wall scrolls and a crying girl getting 5 loads of spunk on her at once).

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