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NO SPRING UPDATE / Shitty XBLA games getting de-listed!

I was just keeping the Internet company when all of a sudden my dreams were crushed.. there is an exclusive interview from Next-Gen which clarifies the state of the much-wanted Spring Update... and as it turns out-


Click here for the 3 page Interview.

Also, Marc Whitten from Microsoft (the dude they interviewed) says this:

"XBLA titles that have been out for more than six months, have a Metacritic score of less than 65%, and have a conversion rate of less than 6% will be eligible for desliting."
.. I'm predicting Space Giraffe will be removed from Xbox Live Arcade.

Other things from the interview:

* There will be a change to DRM policy and a tool released next month that will allow 360 owners to re-license content to a single console.

* With this new 350mb XBLA file-size cap, the "bigger and better" XBLA games will likely cost 1600 Microsoft Points.

So.... instead of a Sping Update, Microsoft has spent their time and resources on

"building the proper infrastructure and scale for the service not just today but also into the future."

Ok great! So, how about a SUMMER Update?

What do you guys think?
So much for our 4 person voice chat any time soon.
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